With the shelter in place going on nationwide, every week seems to be a challenge to create this article and this week is no different.

With the COVID-19 virus going on and no more school sports for the school year we are looking forward to the fall, where hopefully things can get back to normal with some Indian football and Maidens softball.

There will be some changes to Region 2-A with Brooks County entering the region and Wilcox County and Turner County exiting. Another big change will be the elimination of the power rankings, as the top four teams in each region will make the playoffs as they used to do.

The WNBA Draft is set for this weekend and Oregon senior Sabrina Ionescu is predicted to be the top overall pick by the New York Liberty.

With the projected May 15 start to the season already postponed, we'll have to wait for Courtney Williams' debut for the Atlanta Dream.

Meanwhile, major league baseball is trying to devise a plan to start their 2020 season. One plan was to have every team play in Arizona with no fans. But some players really don't care for that idea as it would mean four months being away from their families. So we'll just sit back and wait to see if another plan is devised.

Right now, MLB executives are hoping for a June start to the season. Players seem to be willing to play multiple doubleheaders per week in order to play as many games as possible. They also seem to be willing to extend the regular season into October and postseason into November.

The PGA Tour saw the Masters date come and go without being played, but it has been rescheduled to be played in November. The British Open has been canceled altogether while the PGA Championship will take place in August and the U.S. Open in September. They have canceled tournaments up until May 21 with the possibility of more not getting played.

The NBA is now looking to move their draft back until at least August so when the time occurs they can give proper time to evaluate players.

The National Football League Draft is still on for next week and the Jacksonville Jaguars hold the ninth overall pick while the Atlanta Falcons will pick in the 16th slot in the opening round.

However, the XFL, a spring football league funded by wrestling promoter Vince McMahon, couldn't overcome the shutdown after getting five weeks of their season completed. The XFL laid off virtually all of their employees last week and said they have no plans for a 2021 season.

Meanwhile NASCAR hasn't yet announced any changes to postponing any other races with the May 9 race at Martinsville still being listed as the first race to resume the season.