Speaking to the press after a Senate Republican luncheon at Russell Senate Office Building on March 24 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Senator Ted Cruz stated emphatically that HR 1 is the “single most dangerous bill” in Congress at the moment. This bill is labeled “For the People Act;” Cruz labeled it the “Corrupt Politicians’ Act.”  I do not always agree with Senator Cruz, but I’ve had some qualms about this bill already and decided I’d better see what other folks had to say about it as well.  As usual, it depends on whether you call yourself a democrat or a republican.  But let’s take a quick look at it.  

If it passes, the bill would allow the federal government to take over all elections, and if that happens, the current party—the Democrats, of course—would remain in power ad infinitum.

Think about the great uproar we’ve had over requiring voters to present valid IDs. The democrats oppose requiring IDs.  How often do we have to show identification in the real world and away from the polls?  Let me answer that for you.  Constantly.  If I want to purchase a bottle of cough medicine or some paints or glue in Walmart, I must produce an ID to prove my age.  My white hair won’t do the job, so I whip out my driver’s license.  A visit to my doctor requires an ID along with my insurance card. If ever I’m stopped by the police, out comes my driver’s license again.  Should I choose to purchase an adult beverage or a cigarette or two, I certainly need an ID. I could fill this column with times I need ID.   Why then should I object to proving that I am indeed who I say I am when I go to vote, supposedly the most important of our civic duties?  I want to provide ID; I want everyone else to do so as well.  I don’t know many people without a driver’s license.  This is after all 2021.

I strenuously object to ballot harvesting as well.  So far thirty-one states have made that illegal, but this bill mandates it. In that situation, some political entity can go to a nursing home where seniors are at their most vulnerable and collect ballots.  Is it possible too that unscrupulous folks could change ballots it they disapprove of the vote thereon?  Or dispose of them?  Of course.      

That brings us to universal mail-in voting for no reason.  If someone truly has a valid reason to vote by absentee, so be it.  Otherwise, lay all business aside and go to the polls.  That’s what we’re told when ordered to come serve on a jury.  I happen to think voting is just as important.  I can’t think of many reasons why anyone would need to vote an absentee ballot.  Long-term illness, sudden illness, death in the family, etc. would certainly qualify as valid excuses, but early voting should handle most of those.  

 I really object to the bill’s automatically registering anyone who interacts with the government.  Does that mean that if I get a speeding ticket, I get registered?  If I apply for food stamps?  If I change my address at the post office?

Cruz said, “The Democrats know it will result in millions of illegal immigrants’ being registered to vote and that their objective is to get millions of illegal immigrants to vote. It also strikes down all the state laws limiting felons and criminals from voting.”

Cruz isn’t the only one objecting to this bill.  Lots of voters are screaming in protest.  Senator Mike Lee of Utah says that “HR 1 was written in hell by the devil himself.”  His reasons are pretty much the ones I’ve listed above with more added.  

And then there’s the only democrat who voted against it—Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, who co-sponsored the legislation.  He said his constituents disapprove of the bill’s redistricting section.

“My constituents opposed the redistricting portion of the bill as well as the section on public finances. I always listen and vote in the interest of my constituents,” he said.

According to the democrats and the text of the bill, the goal of the reform legislation is to “expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti-corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy, and for other purposes.”

Now that’s not the way it reads to me.  Don’t take my word for it.  Research for yourselves, and then if you are as frightened as I am, contact your Congressman. We are about to lose our voices if this bill passes.

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