John Corbett

Last week, the Georgia General Assembly reached Legislative Day 28, also known as “Crossover Day.” Crossover Day is a crucial deadline for the House and Senate as this is the last day for bills to pass out of the legislative chamber from which they originated in order to remain eligible for consideration for this session.

HB 481 Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act, bans abortion once a heartbeat has been detected. Exceptions can be made for rape, incest, and if life of the mother is endangered.

We approved a measure to eradicate human trafficking and help victims of this grievous crime. The Anti-Human Trafficking Protective Response Act, House Bill 234, would provide treatment for human trafficking victims through a streamlined process involving the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and law enforcement.

House Bill 224, a recommendation of the House Rural Development Council, passed to amend Georgia’s Investment Tax Credit, Job Tax Credit and Quality Jobs Tax Credit to assist and incentivize employers to bring dependable jobs to rural areas. The Quality Jobs Tax Credit was designed to incentivize better paying jobs in rural areas by providing a credit for positions that pay 110 percent of the average lowest wage when at least 50 jobs are created.

The House took steps towards implementing the 2019 House Transit Proposal to streamline state government agencies that oversee Georgia’s transit, address opportunities for local and regional input and encourage innovation and private sector investments. At the recommendations of the House Commission on Transit Governance and Funding, House Bill 511 would create the Department of Mobility and Innovation (GMobile) in order to govern, coordinate, consolidate and rebuild the state’s complex transit governance structure that currently spreads across six state-level agencies and authorities, while promoting economic development.

Finally, the House passed House Bill 446, which would refine income tax credits for timber producers who suffered losses from Hurricane Michael.