I am a blessed individual. God watched over my family tremendously in August. I am happy to report we have officially survived COVID-19.

On Saturday, August 1, I began to have symptoms late in the evening hours. By the next day my joints and muscles felt like I had the flu or either I worked too hard the day before installing a sign and working in yards. Later that day, the low-grade fever began. The aches and fever continued until Wednesday morning.

On Monday, I went ahead and contacted a doctor, and I told my provider that I wanted to immediately start hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc. My son Cole and I went to the doctor’s office and received the test. The next day Amy and Jacob went. The test was not a pleasant experience, but the nurses did a wonderful job.

Three positives and one negative were the results. Cole, Jake and I were positive; Amy was negative. It was an interesting few days around the Gardner household trying to quarantine within our own household and trying our best to stay away from Amy. For the most part, the boys and I lived on one end of the house and Amy lived in the other. We do feel that Amy also had the virus as she later experienced some of the same symptoms the boys and I experienced.

Cole and I experienced mainly the same symptoms – low-grade temperature, loss of taste and smell, headaches and a little stuffiness. Jacob really didn’t show signs; just a little stuffiness and he did lose his taste and smell. I think the absolute worst part of this experience was the quarantine. Cabin fever set in quickly for all of us.

All told, we have been very blessed that we didn’t have any symptoms worse than what we did experience. It really was not much worse than a common cold to us. By Thursday, I felt like I was ready to go back to work. 

This virus is unusual in how it impacts individuals differently. Amy and I have friends that experienced far worse symptoms than we did, including hospitalization. Again, all I can do is offer my praise to God for His loving protection over my family. Do I think the medications I took helped me recover quicker? Yes, I do believe they helped me. 

I encourage everyone to continue to pray for all who are being impacted by this terrible virus. Again, let’s continue to use common sense in our approach to COVID-19. Wear a mask when it is possible, wash your hands regularly, social distance, clean surfaces as much as possible and follow the advice of the CDC.