Joe W. Hannan

In the May 5 The Times-Union opinion section, Another View by Mathew Corrigan. “A special hotline needed to help prevent violence, note to readers; this excepted letter was sent to the City Council Task Force on Safety and Crime Reduction.”

I know your focus has been on retaliatory and gang violence, but the Committee should also not ignore potential mass shootings by individuals. 

The terrible instances of Las Vegas where over 500 people were shot (40 killed) and the Parkland and Pulse shootings remind us of the danger one individual can do. These types of incidents can equal or exceed the entire homicide total for any city for any given year. 

The writer of this letter goes on to say that while not all mass shootings are relatable to mental health, it is a critical element that cannot be ignored. There is however a need for all citizens to have one place they can contact if they have a concern that an individual may harm himself or others.

This letter got my attention more so because I was asked by a person of a different color, what’s wrong with my people? The only answer I gave was, all people are my people! When I fought in the Vietnam War I fought for this country and all its citizens (people). Believe me, ignorance and stupidity comes in every shade and color!

Now I will address the incident that happened in Folkston at the American Legion and Flash Foods. I’m very angry to see this violence (crime) happening in our own communities and upset by the fact more citizens have not spoken up and out to all concerned citizens and law enforcement, not just here but across this nation. We the people had better stand up, speak up and do everything that’s necessary because it’s here and only going to get worse!

My parents taught us to respect all of the people and hold a deep regard for mankind with love and humility.

My father said this, “if you ever think ignorance will take place of intelligence and any would be free you’re wishing for something that never have been and never will be.”

Nuff said.