The Florida/Georgia game is a thing of the past for one more year.  As a Gator, I am well acquainted with the term “wait till next year”.  I must admit that after the first quarter of the game I felt the handwriting was on the wall.  Georgia was just too consistent in their drives, mastering the clock, and the final score surely was not indicative of the thorough beating the Gators received.  Congratulations to the Dawgs – once again.  

The term “quid pro quo”, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, means an equal exchange or substitution: a Latin term for “something for something”.  

My mother didn’t use this term when I was growing up.  I just knew that if I did what she told me, then substitution of a kiss or a whipping wasn’t an issue for me.  The kiss or smile did wonders for my attitude and one of those “looks”, which all mothers acquire, could ruin my day in a heartbeat.  I also remember looking for the eyes in the back of her head.  The “look” meant that I needed to mend my ways or the substitute, which was the spanking, would happen.  

Quid pro quo never entered my mind until recently.  Somehow the term has become synonymous with “crimes committed by the President”.  I would venture to suggest that never again will this term by used without recalling Donald J. Trump.  As most evil terms used these days in the halls of Congress, the suggestion that the President has committed them, or caused to have them done, is always prevalent.  I don’t believe that any President in the history of this country has ever been so attacked and maligned as this one.  Even Jimmy Carter was treated with dignity, and still is, even though many consider him to be the least productive of all Presidents.  

I would like for all of us to consider how many “quid pro quos” we have committed in our lifetimes.  I know my children would consider me as a criminal now because my favorite statement was “as long as you live in this house you will obey the rules”.  They didn’t question that in my presence and I’m glad because the term “quid” – aww – you know it – never entered my mind.  

Historically speaking, I know that many Presidents have committed this crime, probably countless times, in the past.  I know that FDR, the revered Democrat, used this during World War II.  Reagan used it in his dealings with the Soviet Union.  How many treaties between nations would have occurred if a quid pro quo was not used?  How many times do we, as private citizens, do the same thing in business? I give you money in exchange for services or a product.  Get it?  

Seemingly, there is always a malcontent lurking in the shadows of the White House, plotting to undo the workings of the President.  Someone will always be found who will criticize the Chief Executive and the proverbial leak will occur, and a mystery is born.  Another jam session by the Congress will occur and the news will always provoke anger, remorse, and speculation about the other numerous crimes being committed.

I sometimes wonder if it will ever end.  Probably not!  I am mystified as to how Donald Trump can withstand the onslaught of maliciousness directed against him, his family, and his administration.  

So much attention is being directed at subverting the President, or in defending him, that government seemingly does nothing else.  Why do we put up with this nonsense?  

I thank God that our country has not been consumed with socialism, and it would have been well on the way if Trump had not been elected.  Many of you may disagree with me, but this country is at a precipice.  Elections are extremely important today and not something to toss aside as unimportant.  

Regardless of your political affiliation, I remind you that the Bible teaches us to pray for our leaders, and that includes the President of the United States, as well as all the others who represent us in government.  I hope that you do.  Sometimes you may feel all is hopeless, but it isn’t, if we trust in our Redeemer.

God bless all of you.  God bless Charlton County, Georgia and the USA.