Are we, as citizens, supposed to accept the actions of our United States Congress and expect those who participate in an action that is nothing more than a “strike” to remain in office?  I suppose that may seem a little bit strong, but if a company ceases production, to change working conditions or salary, then it is classified as a strike.

I realize there is a difference.  Or is there?  There are members of Congress, who because of their position as the predominant party can freeze progress and seek actions which satisfy their own desires.  The House of Representatives is not the only part of our government which becomes unproductive, but the Senate is also affected.  

Ever since the election of Donald J. Trump, we have had turmoil within our government, especially since the elections of 2018, which placed the House of Representatives in Democrat control.  Thank the Lord that the Senate is still in Republican hands or we really would be in trouble.  

The cost of the Mueller investigation has run into the millions, as well as frozen progress within the House. I’m not going to try to quote the cost because it’s old news and too disgusting to think about.  After that little episode played out, the Democrats came up with something else – a Whistle Blower.  I didn’t think my eyes would ever stop rolling when that one came out.  Again, the cost is not even on the charts because the Senate has also totally been frozen for the last ten days with a trial of fictitious charges.  

You can bet your britches that after this impeachment and trial, the Democrats will come up with something else to attack and render our government on strike again.  I really wouldn’t care so much except for the cost to the taxpayer because through it all, these clowns are being paid.  When a company’s employees go on strike, they are not paid, and I think it would be a good idea if our representatives pay were curtailed during these outlandish hearings.

I see only one bright light on the horizon over all this bull.  The Democrat party needs to be swept from office.  Maybe not all of them but the ones who seem to love constant upheaval which is not conducive to the good of our country.  

The idea that the House of Representatives can suddenly dictate to the President how foreign policy should be administered or how he utilizes the military in response to attacks on an American Embassy is beyond me.  None of this makes sense, and I sincerely hope that most American voters feel the same way and look forward to the elections in November.

Frankly, I do not understand why we are having such a difficult time in our country now.   However, I do know that God is in control, and even when we are totally flummoxed by events, we need to have faith and confidence in our Lord.  

There are many who are ignorant of what is happening in our land today.  I suppose I should say ignorant of the truth.  Even though I don’t like the term “fake news,” sadly, it is true.  The news outlets today seldom tell the whole story or give just enough information to try to convince people of the supposed evil which our President could force on this county.  I think in future columns I might just identify the good things which have been happening for us, and possibly some eyes may be opened.  

Regardless of your political affiliation, please pray for yours and my country.  Just pray that God’s Will be done and that should do it.  God bless all of you.  God bless Georgia, Charlton County, and the USA.