John Meyer

I know this is late, as usual for me, but Happy Easter to everyone. I have a problem keeping up with dates now that I don’t work and have no specific schedule to adhere to. That sometimes creates tension for me because I am accustomed to the discipline needed to hold a job, and I suppose I relied on that more than I realized. I am, however, learning to take more time in the mornings before starting a “project” and I stay up later than I ever have before. I think I enjoy my newfound freedom, but I do miss interacting with people as I did at the store.

I’m not sure what the country is going to do now that President Trump has been found innocent of the charges of collusion and obstructing justice by the Special Counsel. I would think that this would be a great opportunity to get down to the business of government.

We certainly have a problem with immigration and even though everyone, but the Democrats understand how serious this has become, I doubt the Congress will act. Again, the only action that will be taken will consist of rhetoric and pointed fingers. I am personally glad that the President has decided to move funds from the Defense Department to Homeland Security and is building the wall. 

The “wall” is only part of the problem though. There is the issue of entire families coming into the United States and being detained, waiting for their date with the judge to ascertain if the family qualifies for asylum. 

Facing the same number of asylum seekers as in past years would not have such a profound affect which is now not the case. Depending on who you listen to for news the figures are truly alarming. Each month, indeed, each day, many “refugees” try to enter the U.S., mostly illegally. 

The costs associated with illegal immigration is huge – REALLY HUGE! Consider the difficulty in housing the families coming over, claiming asylum, until they are granted a day in court and a decision reached in their case. 

You may find various statistics concerning the cost of immigration and depending on who is writing the article, or researching the data, a wide range of associated costs are quoted. In addition, the cost of keeping a family in Southern California is much different than one in Georgia, because the cost of living is lower in Georgia. Also, I don’t think there are many facilities capable of detaining families in Georgia and it would be more advisable to house these people in the area in which they infiltrated the United States in order to ship them back home if their asylum case is denied. 

A person who is granted asylum is called an “asylee”. Before a person becomes an asylee, I suppose they are identified as an illegal and shall be detained or turned loose to live in the U.S. and expected to appear on their hearing date or court date. We have heard that in many cases the person released just integrates themselves into our society, in some manner, and is never heard from again unless they run afoul of the law. 

Depending on the location a person seeking asylum can wait for a period of over 700 days before a court hearing, or as much as 1300 days in New Jersey or California. During this waiting period the good ole USA takes care of their needs, until a decision is made.

After a person is granted asylum, and becomes a full fledged asylee, he or she is then able to work in the United States, apply for a Social Security card, request permission to travel overseas, and bring family members to the United States. In addition, asylees may be eligible for certain benefits, such as Medicaid or Refugee Medical Assistance. Imagine that!! After one year the asylee may apply for permanent resident status and four years afterward may apply for citizenship. 

I am concerned about who is paying for all this assistance, being given out to people who come through our borders. For those who think we should have open borders, I would suggest they be identified and charged additional taxes to help with the costs. I suppose that sounds childish, but at my age something like that is to be expected occasionally. 

We have serious problems in addition to immigration. We have a President who needs to be impeached, according to the crazy Democrats. Sorry – I couldn’t resist that comment.

Thank goodness that the Lord God is really in charge and His Will will be accomplished. That’s comforting to me.

God bless all of you. God bless Charlton County, Georgia and the USA.

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