John Meyer

I heard some news over this past week which set my nerves on edge, and that is not easily accomplished, since I, along with a whole bunch of you, have come to expect almost anything in the past couple of years. Well, in the past twenty years. 

The Georgia State Legislature passed a bill, which would prohibit abortions after a heartbeat is detected. According to the news flash on “CBS, THIS MORNING”, Kate Smith, the commentator states that this heartbeat appears typically five to six weeks in a woman’s pregnancy. There are large signs along the highway in Florida that claim that a heartbeat occurs after only 18 days.

I know that this law will be in the courtroom in a New York Second. That is pretty dog gone fast and since I brought up New York, I’m sure you know about their abortion law which allows an abortion of a full-term baby, based on the mother’s age, economic, social and emotional factors. In the New York Reproductive Health Act abortion is defined as a “fundamental right”. I’m not sure if the New York law has been challenged in the courts, but I kind of doubt it. The Georgia Law will be filed on quickly, because it is a threat to Roe vs Wade, which conservatives and Christians have been trying to overturn for years.

I find it strange that a law, which increases the ability to perform abortions is not challenged but a law, which puts restrictions on abortions is challenged in Federal Court before the ink is dry. 

Something that has irritated me immensely is the petition started by Alyssa Milano, a member of Hollywood’s elite, currently working in Atlanta shooting a show for Netflix. The celebrities are stating that they cannot work in Georgia, when this state has such a law on the books. Something about the conscience of the celebrities, about which, I know nothing. However, I see little evidence of conscience coming out of Hollywood. 

A column written by Rick Rogers (March 24, 2019) entitled “New York’s new abortion law crosses the line”, is interesting reading and can be found on the internet. Look under “New York, Abortion Law”. 

I know that the laws considering abortion will be challenged in the courts, and bad publicity will be shoved down our throats, trying to make us all believe that we are out of touch with reality. 

I don’t understand that if a woman is shot or injured in a crime, and if she is pregnant, and the baby dies, then that is considered a murder. But, if an abortion is performed, at any point, I would consider that as murder. I suppose that attitude is considered old fashioned, and out of touch with the current enlightened elite which seem to be running our country today. Maybe they aren’t in the majority just yet, but the liberal point of view is making great strides. 

There is no need for an unwanted pregnancy. There are many safeguards to prevent pregnancy and for the life of me, I don’t understand why someone would take a chance on becoming pregnant when it is totally unnecessary. I would presume that having an abortion is difficult, not only physically but also emotionally. Abortion is a choice, which will have dire affects on a woman’s life forever. 

We all must make choices in life. There are good and bad and whatever path we choose is what our conscience will deal with forever. Some decisions are not so important, but I cannot envision anything more important than bringing a life into the world – or ending a life. 

I surely don’t know how we can survive as a nation if our society continues this trek. I am saddened, not only by abortions, but by the diatribe spouted by our lawmakers in Washington. If it ain’t one thing – it’s another. 

I realize that the only recourse most of us have is to write letters or send e-mails to our congressmen and senators. We should do this if we are able to do so in a responsible manner, using good grammar, and being somewhat sensible.

I want to thank those of you who have asked me over the past few months why I wasn’t writing. Frankly, I was a little burned out and just needed a break. I know there are some who would like my continued silence, but for the immediate future, I’m back. Kind of like a bad dream. Just joking.

I am always encouraged by the knowledge that our Lord God is really in charge of everything happening, and I can only pray for our country, our leaders, and each of us, expecting His Will to be carried out in our lives.

God bless all of you. God bless Charlton County, Georgia and the United States of America.

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