A new year is upon us once again and I think that the year 2020 will bring many surprises to us as a nation.  I do want to start off the year by wishing all of you a Happy New Year and hopefully, a healthy prosperous year for all of us.

We can anticipate another year of political turmoil.  This is not just because it is an election year, but also so much civil unrest throughout our nation, touching almost everyone in one way or another.

Racial bias is claimed each day, it seems, by someone who has taken offense about a remark, a hand sign, or because a person supports one political party or another.  

To be brutally frank, the Democratic Party, which claims to be the party of the people, is divisive.  There is not one person who claims to be conservative, or Christian, who is not included in their claims of behavior unbecoming an American.  I don’t know who has made them judge and jury for America, but I am sometimes exhausted after listening to their dishonest proclamations.  

Three years have passed since President Trump took office.  Three years he has been attacked daily and the Democrats have screamed “impeach him” until the very word has lost its impact on most people.  Finally, the House of Representatives have impeached the President, even though there was no evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors.    

As is the usual agenda for the Donkey Party, they continually attack the opposition for anything and everything, believing that people will begin to believe the rhetoric and join their cause of government disruption.   There will be people who will be swayed by the constant falsification of facts because it’s just easier to accept the constant barrage of untruth, than to probe for the truth.  

There was a time when newspapers could be depended on to give the facts, both pro and con, and let the reader interpret as he or she sees fit.  That isn’t the case any longer.  The con game has expanded into the print media as well.  

Our country is not anything like when I grew up.  I can understand why young people, 50 and younger have succumbed to the leftist pleas for change.  A person can be seduced by the popular ideas which incorporate class warfare.  Why should, some may ask, a person have so much when I have so little?  

I have known people who will work harder at not working, than expending the effort to do a job right.  I just don’t understand that frame of mind.  Consider how many people feel the government should give, give, give.  Somewhere the government must take, take, take, in order to do the giving.  Taxes!!  Some pay, and some don’t.  Enter the class warfare groups who will take away your rights, because you infringe on their right to do nothing but bring turmoil to your community.

Welcome to 2020.  I hope this coming year will be better than the last, even though I think a lot of good things have come about this past year.  Although, no thanks to the Democrats or some Republicans.  Doesn’t America deserve better?

I have asked ya’ll to pray for America almost every week.  Our country needs Devine guidance, just as it did when the United States was formed.  I am personally confident that God’s Will for America will be done, but it sure doesn’t hurt to remind God of how we feel.

God bless all of you.  God bless Charlton County, Georgia, and the USA.