Last week, as I sat down at my computer to write an article, I realized just how agitated I was concerning the situation with the Congress and the Administration of the United States. I was so demoralized by the stupidity exhibited by seemingly intelligent people, intent on destroying the other political party, or individuals, that to publish my feelings, was impossible. I’m sure that each of you, at some point in life, has felt the same anguish concerning family, career, politics, or your economic situation.  What do we do when we feel as though we have just run into a stone wall with an insurmountable problem?

I had to do a lot of praying and speculation concerning my attitude before I felt somewhat normal again.  Another rhetorical question – what is normal?  Don’t try to answer that because I don’t believe there is a definition which will be agreed upon by many.  So, since normal is impossible to define, because everyone has a different quirk to throw into the mix, we can also add politics to the list of impossibilities to satisfy everyone.

For me, the only avenue to my acceptance of things which I can’t understand, or change, is prayer.  I don’t know if my appeal to God for help in a situation changes the world order, but I do know that it changes me.  I can accept the undeniable fact that God oversees everything and, that at times I am totally bewildered by the events which intrude on my life.  However, I am not confused as to knowing that The Lord loves us and will do the very best for us in all situations.  That is not to say that in our quest for survival, as we see it, that we can’t screw up the best intentions of the Lord by utilizing our will, and not listening and acting as He has intended for us.  I believe the end result will always be what God wants, just sometimes delayed due to our own foolishness.

Such is the case with politics, or any other situation in our life.  We are somewhat in charge, that we can mess it up by our choices, which we make with our free will, because we don’t seek guidance from our maker.  Just ask me – and I won’t tell you, of the multitude of bad turns or questionable decisions I have made.  I suppose that is true of all of us.  

My point is, when we pray and take our concerns to God, we should take the time to listen and consider what He would have us do.  We have a fantastic guidebook, called the BIBLE, which will answer almost all of our questions, if we search diligently.  The reason I say “almost” is because someone will come up with a question so “off the wall” as to even make the Lord blink.  Well, maybe not, but I know people can really be weird.

The Bible says that “faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead”.  That is James 2:17, a Book of the Bible which has a lot to say about faith.  Consider that we are praying for reason (did I say “reason”) within our government.  Well, just to pray for that isn’t enough.  I would say that statement is my opinion, but the article is “The Way I See It”, so being redundant would be boring and insignificant.  I would speculate that almost everyone would love to see sanity reign in Washington.  

In order to change government, we must vote and support those to whom we feel would best serve our county, state, and country.  Sometimes we have some poor choices and we must vote for the least destructive and work for someone better in the next election.  Maybe we should pray for our leaders to have a change in opinion which would benefit our country, rather than themselves or their political party.  That goes both ways – Republican and Democrat.  Independent too, who always seem to work with Democrats best but who choose not to identify with a party in the hopes that people will truly see them as “independent”.  I’ll leave that for you to chew on.

Faith is so elusive to so many in our world, those of us who are convinced of its worth, should do what the Word says concerning our brothers and sisters.  We should live our faith, ask others to join us in church, pray for them to come into the fold as believers, and nurture them as they grow in faith.  Going to church seems a small thing but it brings great dividends.  Church strengthens you, binds you to others who believe, sets an example for your family and neighbors, and identifies you as someone who tries to live what you preach.  

God bless all of you.  Please pray for each other, your country, and for wisdom.  God bless you, Charlton County, Georgia, and the United States of America.