Thanksgiving, as a holiday, is over for one more year.  I always try to think of those things which make me so thankful:  the list is long and detailed.

Christmas is next.  The radio is already playing Christmas songs and Hallmark Channel is, and has for the past month, been showing all the Christmas stories.   The feel-good movies include saving a town which had forgotten about Christmas, a sick person who has been changed both physically and emotionally, and of course, a person who has found everlasting love.  The season, if you want to call it that, is just beginning and will try to separate us from the real meaning of Christmas.  

The impeachment of President Trump has faltered for lack of evidence and or reason.  The inexhaustible parade of witnesses called to testify could only tell their own opinions as to what they heard or read, and nary a word of admissible evidence.  I have been discouraged by our Congress for years, but never to the extent I am now.  

I wonder exactly why people are so upset with President Trump.  Other than his personality which rubs some people raw (including me at times).  I just fail to identify any significant problems with his governance.  Trump is not the normal politician.  He means what he says and does what he says he will do.  That is probably frightening to a Congress who have survived for years on empty innuendo, misleading the public.   

Did you know that over 40 million dollars was spent concerning the Muller probe into Russian collusion?  I haven’t seen any figures on the impeachment fiasco to this point, but you can bet it is substantial.

Lawyers don’t come cheap and getting potential witnesses to Washington must cost quite a bundle.  Consider the hotel bills, transportation, and meals.  In the latest quagmire the witnesses did no more than tell the committees what they thought, after putting two and two together, and guessing what was said or unsaid.  The whole episode was a clown show and I would have laughed if it were not so costly to everyone.  We do pay for all of this; I hope you know.  Taxes??  You know that money we pay each year to run the Federal government in the hopes the money will be spent wisely.  That’s the joke – and it’s on us.  Lord knows we desperately need term limits for everyone who represents us in Congress.  States have term limits and that seems to work quite well.

I think it is criminal for our Congress to waste so much time, effort, and money on foolhardy expeditions into areas which are only political attacks and have little to do with the health of our country.    

On a pleasant note – for some and not for others - the regular football season is over once more.  I’m looking forward to the Army/Navy game, the SEC Championship, and of course the bowl games – some of them.  

I hope that Georgia succeeds against LSU and gets into the National Championship series.  Florida beat FSU so I’m happy about that.  We Gators will just have to wait till next year for a chance to beat the Dawgs.  

God bless all of you.  God bless Charlton County, Georgia, and the USA.