Now that we are into a new year, a new beginning, as some would say, we can look back on 2019 as a year in flux.  Flux is defined as a continuing change and last year was certainly one where one day was seldom like the former.  This has been a pattern on the national scene and as far as I can tell, has little impact on us here in Charlton County.  Those of us who are somewhat immersed in politics will find the past year frustrating and possibly a class in anger management would be in order.  However, each day is a new one and thankfully, the ultimate authority of the future resides in Heaven and orders the details of what happens here.  

This morning I awoke to the news that the United States had ordered a drone flight into Iraq which assassinated Qassim Suleimani, the Commander of Iranian forces.  Suleimani was reported to be in Baghdad to foster support for Iran’s continuing terrorist activities against the U.S.  

I am not privy to the information which the President had available to him in order to make the drone strike decision, but I have confidence that his intelligence data is far superior to mine, as well as almost everyone else, and I support his decisions to protect American lives and interests in other parts of the world.  After all, that is his primary job – to protect America and her citizens.

There are already attacks against the President regarding this action.  Joe Biden has suggested that Trump has tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinder box.  Other Democrats have suggested that his escalation of tensions in the area will lead to war.  Trump has also been accused of ordering an unlawful act.  Imagine that!!  

The sovereignty of a nation is of primary importance to its populace or should be.  The European Union is an example of nations, which in the interest of commerce, have abandoned their individual sovereignty and the Union now makes rules and laws concerning the citizens of each nation represented in the Union.  The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and for the last three years an internal battle has been fought, politically, to accomplish the will of the voters in 2016.  Finally, after another election, getting rid of the liberal faction and electing conservatives, Brexit will become a reality.  The British people want their country back, as a sovereign nation, rather than as a member of a Union which identifies with the whole continent.  

Likewise, here in the United States, we feel some of the same issues.  We elected a President in 2016, who we felt identified with the citizens rather than a political elite who ruled with disregard for the people.  As in Great Britain, the liberal establishment in the United States has fought to overturn an election which identified the true desires of the nation.  I suppose it will take another election here in our country to adequately express the direction we want our country to pursue.  

For eons the people of the United States have practiced appeasement when it comes to our government.  Regulations and laws have been passed which are not really of benefit, except to a select minority.  Little real knowledge of the issues facing our nation was realized by citizens, until recently – in 2016.  I believe, at that point, Donald Trump convinced people that things could be different in our country. He was elected and a lot of progress has been made,  one of which is reidentifying with the sovereignty of our Nation.

Iran wishes to destroy America and practices terrorism to accomplish some of its goals.  Mr. Suleimani was a leader who planned and directed the actions which have resulted in the deaths of many Americans.  I would suggest to you that our President has grown weary of turning the other cheek.  In support of the American people, and in defense of our Constitution and our Nation, he has directed action which tells the world that it isn’t beneficial to attack America or Americans.

Please pray for our country and our leaders, both those with whom we agree and disagree.  The Bible tells us that is our responsibility.

God bless you.  God bless Charlton County, Georgia, and the USA.