I would not be able to ascertain how many people watched the State of the Union address, given by President Trump, on Tuesday night.  I think that interest might have been peeked because of the pending vote in the Senate concerning the Presidents Impeachment Trial.  Frankly, I was proud of the President for not mentioning the trial and focusing on the accomplishments of the past year and his plans for the coming year.  

I don’t see how anyone could doubt the positive record by the Trump Administration.  Even though the Congress was stymied by trying to get rid of the President, much happened which made our country stronger and economically sound.  Many would say that the success of the economy was because of the stock market.  However, the stock market is based on many assumptions, among which are trust in the leadership of the country and current success of companies which produce products and invest in the future for their investors.  

Regardless of the success which we have enjoyed, there are some very dark and serious situations which affect us today, as a Nation.  I think the divisive attitude of the Congress has never been more serious.  I’m not too sure of the claims of the Democratic Party that their position is held by most of the citizens of the United States.  Of course, the one true measure of any political party, or support for a platform, occurs when the polls open, and eligible voters cast their ballot.  All the rallies, marches, television and radio ads, and social media will count for nothing on that day, when the true measure of the desires of America will be forthcoming.

One of many situations during the State of the Union which had a profound affect on me personally was the response, or lack of their response, when the President discussed the abortion issue, which has plagued the country for years.  

I don’t think it’s any secret about my stand on abortion.  I’m against it, and I, for the life of me, cannot understand anyone wanting to take the life of a baby, under any circumstances.   The Democratic Party, at least most of the elected in that party, support abortion, on demand, or so it seems.  

There may be some in the Democratic Party who do not support abortion, but watching the address by the President, and watching an attitude of indifference by the Democrats, left me wondering about their relationship with God.  I know that it’s none of my business concerning their position as a Christian or not, but because they supposedly represent us, it is a concern.

The recent March for Life in Washington, D.C. had over 100,000 people, filling the National Mall and overflowing into surrounding streets, clear down to the Washington Monument.  President Trump personally addressed the marchers, not by video but in person. 

In addition to the Right to Life, the economy, health care, the Supreme Court, immigration, education, and a variety of other issues will take center stage in the coming months.  Hopefully I will undertake to write about each of these issues as the weeks pass, and by the time of the election, maybe we shall all be more aware of the different positions held by the candidates.

In case you have never understood the importance of the U.S. House of Representatives, or the U.S. Senate, the past three years should have opened your eyes.  Especially in the House, little has been accomplished because of the constant personal and political attacks against the President.  The arguments were always of a personal nature, directed against the man, and not against his policies, which the Democrats found alien to their preferences.

Thank God for a man who did not just sit in the White House and await his fate.  Regardless of the attacks, the business of the country continued, and much has been accomplished.  Since the President has been so successful without the help of Congress, I can only speculate what heights we could have reached if the parties had worked together.  Imagine that!!  America – making us better – or greater!

I will make a wild prediction which I alluded to last week.  This destructive action by Congress has passed for this moment – but there will be another.  The Democrats can’t help themselves in their quest for dominance on the national scene.  Beware of the local and state government elections because those offices are a training ground for national office.

In case you’re wondering why I am not addressing the behavior of the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, I find I wasn’t surprised.  I can’t believe that the third person in line for the Presidency of the United States would show, on national television, and international as well, her complete lack of respect for the office of the President.  However, ever since the Democrats took control of the House, the behavior of the majority party has been directed at undoing the Presidential Election of 2016.  The attitude of Pelosi and her minions is disgusting.

God bless all of you.  God bless Charlton County, Georgia, and the United States of America.