Now that the regular football season is over, except for Conference Championships, we can all relax and anticipate the bowl games.  The SEC Championship between LSU and Georgia will be interesting, and just so you know, this “ole Gator” is pulling for the Dawgs.  Mark that down.  The Army/Navy game is the following Saturday and that is one rivalry that I love to watch.  In case I ever have a bucket list, I will include one Army/Navy game.  

I have been thinking about the situation in the Congress.  Primarily, that little has been accomplished for the country.  However, much has been done, for three long years, to destroy the Presidency.  I am disgusted with the entire situation and some might say that I should be just as upset with the President as with the Democrats in power.   No – the President is the duly elected representative of our country and to dispute that fact is ridiculous and contrary to our laws.  I don’t remember Obama being put through the ringer on a daily basis.

I wasn’t very happy when Obama was elected President, but I remember writing that he won the election and regardless of our political affiliation, we should accept him as President and work to make our country better.  We can take it to the ballot box the next time around, if we disagree with the outcome of an election. 

The Democrats claimed that Bush stole the election, not once, but twice.  They surely didn’t question when Obama won, but when Trump won, nothing would do but attempt to deprive the voters of their rightfully elected representative in the White House.

The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders, whether we agree with them or not.  There is nothing I read which tells me that one political party is better or worse than the other, and to lift up our President, regardless of party, is our responsibility.  So too, is our responsibility to be involved in electing our representatives, praying for them to have wisdom, and allowing the Lord to lead them in decisions which affect all of us.

I don’t pretend to know the Will of God.  I do know that ultimately, He is in charge and His Will be done, regardless of my or your wishes.  I certainly am not going to dispute that.  I also believe that as Christians, we are supposed to act responsibly in all our endeavors, which includes taking part in the governance of our country.  The best way to be actively engaged is understanding the problems and needs of our communities and electing the best candidate we feel will do the best job. That includes anyone who is elected, if we do our job as citizens, will do their job properly.

I am especially disturbed about the civil unrest associated with any political rally, political speakers at a college, or about written communications concerning politics in general, especially if it is of a conservative persuasion.  There are some of us who happen to have opinions which are liberal in nature. That is fine, if you don’t try to force your opinion on others.  However, if you decry abortion, states rights, the right to own a gun, or, in some cases, expressing your opinion, then you are considered a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, or a number of descriptions which I can’t even remember.  

Bad behavior doesn’t exist to a great extent in Charlton County.  We can be proud of our County.  Athough, we should be aware of what can happen if we aren’t diligent in our interactions with others.

I think it is imperative that we stand up for our beliefs, regardless of what they are.  I also feel that we should not belittle others, personally, for what they believe.  We can disagree with another’s perspective without causing harm to the individual.  

I have almost stopped watching the news because it’s always the same.  I can catch the highlights in five minutes and turn to something different which will not cause me to roll my eyes so much.  I have a fear that my eyes might get stuck in some position one day, so I try to remain calm and considerate of others, even when I disagree.  

God bless all of you and remember to pray for our leaders.  God bless Charlton County, Georgia and the USA.