Dear Editor,

Regarding Steve Ingle’s, president of Twin Pines, LLC, ad of September 25, 2019: 

Mr. Ingle, We noted your full-page ad and feel compelled to respond.

Sir, it is not our job to prove that your operation won’t harm the Okefenokee Swamp, and its tributaries, wetlands, and rivers. Yes, we “have select standards for the procedures that help make (modern conveniences) possible.” That’s called “environmental stewardship” and “common sense.”

We are not required to demonstrate that a massive mine on the doorstep of a fragile National Wildlife Refuge – a mine that will withdraw 4.3 million gallons per day from the already-stressed Floridan Aquifer, disturb the habitat of myriad species, and potentially damage two vital rivers – is somehow “safe.” That’s your job.

Alex Kearns, 

Chair, St. Marys, 

EarthKeepers, Inc.