Dear Editor,

Please allow me to comment on your recent editorial “Stomach Turning”.  I have just two words in expressing my feelings, “Thank God!”

Yes, I do thank my God that there is still a media that has its heart, soul, and mind grounded in truth. In this day when truth is being discarded for political gains, it was indeed refreshing to read your editorial position. This despicable act by the New York Governor should make all people’s stomach turn in revolt!

I was so pleased to hear our President called out both the New York and the Virginia governors during his address to the nation for their actions in promoting the taking of the life of innocent babies. Oh! What horror!  The only thing missing in the photo was a Nazis armband!

Edmund Burke, an Irish political philosopher once stated “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!”

Since August 28, 2015, I have flown the America flag at my home in the distress mode (upside down) in protest against this ungodly practice of killing the unborn. (To fly it at half-mast would be even better.) I call it the “Flag of the Unborn”! I hope and pray that this practice would catch on across this land and create a ground swell that would shake this nation to its knees in repentance for this evil practice!

God Bless you, Jamie Gardner and the Charlton County Herald, for your courageous stand! You are indeed a force for good in Charlton County, my adopted home for some forty years. I now make my home in Otto, North Carolina. I continue to enjoy reading the CCH and will as long as I live!

Jim Steeley