Dear Editor,

Please allow me to respond to “30-year anniversary for Jesse A. Crews, Sr” article in the CCH. This tribute to a good man brought back many good memories. It was an honor and a privilege to work with him for the good of the community. Both of us served the people of Folkston and Charlton County at the same time. Jesse served both as a Folkston City Council member and as County Commissioner. I was privileged to serve as a City Council member and as Chairman of the Charlton County Development Authority. Jesse, as an employee of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, proved to be a vital community ally when the company decided to divest themselves of property and outdated depots that were no longer vital to running a railroad company. Jesse championed the effort for the community to receive both the Railroad Park and the Depot. I can’t recall just what year the City of Folkston acquired the park, sometime in the early 1970s, I believe. The depot was given sometime about 1974 or ‘75 to the county and the Charlton County Development Authority took possession of it. A local 1776 Bicentennial Commission was established and chaired by Virginia Altman, who applied and received a grant of $10,000 to have the depot moved to its present location in the Railroad Park. We contracted with a Waycross House moving company to move it from beyond Love Street to its present location in the park. To accomplish this, it had to be cut in half and moved in two sections. Where it was cut in two can be seen in the ceiling of the building today. Lots of memories in that place! I built that crooked sidewalk at the front of the depot - had to wind around the trees at that time. Also, I am privileged to have some of my oil paintings hanging in that building.

The pictures of that group of folks that played a part in the history of the depot sure has given me pause! Not sure if Virginia Altman is still with us, but I may be the last surviving member of that group. Wow! God is good all the time! God bless the good people of Charlton County, Georgia. Thank you, Charlton County, for the memories!

Jim Steeley

North Carolina