Dear Editor,

On August 17, your newspaper published an article by Dick Yarbrough about “The Republican Accountability Project.” I want to bring to your attention that this group is a Hate Trump Republican Group. They will spend “eight figures” across six crucial battleground states including Georgia to defeat Republican candidates who support Trump.

Dick Yarbrough stated Republicans seem unable to figure out who is the enemy. Republicans know the Democrats are the enemy; I would like to state to The Republican Accountability Project that they are shameful Republicans.

Donald Trump is not an enemy. President Trump played to win. If there is one thing people know about Trump, it is that he, unlike this Republican Accountability Project group, loves America and wants to preserve the American way of life. He makes no apologies for America’s path. The America Trump wants is to recover is the America of his youth, not out of nostalgia, but because this was America with relentless optimism and supported by grit and determination. An America that has done great things in the past and was eager to do more.

Donald Trump is still confident in America and in this time of National doubt this too is just what the doctor ordered. The Republican Accountability Project Leadership William Kristol should go home and take a cold shower and cool off about hating the 45th President of the United States. William, here are some facts about Donald Trump’s accomplishments in 4 years. His administrative agency eliminated hate in America’s critical race theory. He achieved energy independence and much more. He was guided by fact and common sense. It takes courage and Independence to live authentically. In politics most find it impossible not to be phony. NOT TRUMP! Trump taught us crucial things. For starters that China is a mortal enemy. Because of Trump we know our intelligence agencies are corrupt.

We know also that the mainstream media is not just biased, but is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

I am requesting you publish this article to let your readers know William Kristol and his Accountability Project members should not hate the 45th President of the United States. Voted for by the People!

Janet Harvin

St. George, Georgia