On Friday, April 28 around 5:00 p.m., I went to Fire Station 1 by the railroad tracks to have someone look at my arm because I just had a cardiac cath 24 hours prior. They looked at my arm and realized more was going on and called EMS. I do not know any of their names, but each and every one…

This submission is in response to Mr. Porter Pickren’s letter to the editor titled, “Saving the John Harris Building.” The following article has lain dormant in my computer since May of this year when my son, Chris, Son-in-law, Bobby, and I, went down to Charlton County for a river trip from…

As pen goes to paper, the world is still turning and the sun and the moon was visible early this morning.

As pen goes to paper, we the people of this country have a new president in this country.

I have lived in South Georgia on the same block for all of my 73 years. I have never been very political, but this election has become too important.

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