Dear Editor,

The Charlton County Ferst Readers would like to say thank you to to the dedicated effort of our friend Barbie Dinkins and the generous donors of Charlton County, we now have 186 children registered in the Ferst Readers literacy program. These children will receive a bookstore quality, age-specific book and resources mailed to their home every month until their fifth birthday. It is this access to print that helps families create a language-rich environment in the home. 

The following Charlton County citizens graciously sponsored one or more children for $36: Barbara Jones, Okefenoke Rural EMC, John Lairsey, Sherilonda Green, Jeanne Crews, Lois Mays, Donna Nance, Amelia Medical Services, Martha Gowen, Shaula Fuhlendorf, Lawanda Jones, Judy Weegar, Kelli Chesser, Sharon Harkins, Christina Keene, Daphne Pickren, Carolyn Lipsett, Vivian Dickerson, Linda Pina, Debbe Arwood, Glenda Todd, Katie Rodgers, Cindy Perry, Wade and Lisa Johnson, Whistlin Dixie, Kim Aldridge, Patsy Allen, Hugh Chancey, Ann Gowen, Lynn Young, Susan Taylor, Teresa Hamilton, Drew and Felicia Sauls, Michelle Maddox, Folkston Pharmacy, Doris Johnson, Martin Strickland, Bonnie Davis, Stoney Kern, Barbie Dinkins, Matt and Joanna Wainright, Larry and Suzanne Mallard, Amanda Jackson, Kelly and Nancy Brooks, Mary-Kay and Ron Lindquist, Iris Turner, Hetal Patel, and Becka Lloyd.

The $36 sponsorship provides one child with a free book a month for a year.

Thank you so much for supporting Charlton County Ferst Readers and making early literacy a priority for the children of our county.

If we missed someone, please forgive us. We appreciate everyone who has helped with getting books into the homes of Charlton County children.

If you would like to sponsor a child annually or make a one-time donation, please visit  Please make sure to select Charlton County GA in the General Donation drop down menu.

Felicia Sauls,