Dear Editor, 

Just finished reading your premier issue of Mature Living. What a pleasure I found within its pages. 

Featured was a good friend, Rachel Baldwin. What a surprise to read about her many successes!  

I enjoyed the article on Tom Bragg and the obstacles he overcame in his life. I would love to know how to purchase Evelyne Herndon’s cookbook! And then I turned the page to find a wonderful article about one of my favorite people, Mr. Billy Clark. What a joy to call him a friend. Laughing out loud, I read about Bobby and Sarah Morgan – what a character the man and his late wife are/were. Not even a hunter or a pet owner, I could relive Miss Sarah shooting the deer and heading home to finish cooking!

When Mature Living “fell” out of my local newsletter, I had no idea of the enjoyment it would bring to this “mature” reader. 

Hope to see many more life stories in the future. Please pass this note on to your editors and writers. 

Hats off to a fantastic beginning!


Barbie Dinkins,