By Shelby Roberts Bennett

Why is it so easy to see others’ faults, but be blinded by our own? We always tend to think our reasoning is a little bit better than anyone else’s.

We can suffer in two ways by judging.

First, we can wrongly interpret what is going on in someone’s life.

For example, someone is being quiet. He doesn’t talk to anyone and never laughs when someone else cracks a joke. He never interacts with anyone else. So you take it upon yourself to form your own opinion  based solely on the fact that they don’t speak. Did you ever take a minute to think maybe why that person doesn’t talk? It could be that they are getting abused at home. It could be because he just lost a loved one. It could be because he is crumbling under financial stress. Or it could be he is debating suicide. How you react could be the make-it or break-it. You could be the reason he doesn’t lose hope, you could be the reason he changes his mind. Don’t judge so quick; it could be you someday.

Second, we can wrongly estimate ourselves.

For example, you’re getting ready to walk out of your house and suddenly you trip over a pair of shoes. You instantly get upset at your husband or wife for leaving shoes in the way and causing you to fall. When you look down and realize that you actually just tripped over your own shoes that you forgot to move. You quickly humble yourself and try to forget the fact that you just judged your husband or wife for something that he/she didn’t even do. Stay humble.

When you see that tired mom in the grocery store with dirty children, that won’t stop crying, don’t judge her. Ask her if there’s anything you can do; think of how you can help just one single person a day. How can you be someone’s light in the dark?

When you see that student who is always late, never brushes his hair, and always falls asleep in class, ask before you judge. That student could be caring for his siblings while still taking all the heat from his abusive parents. You literally never, ever know what could be going on in someone’s life. Just ask if you can help in any way.

Again, you could be the factor that changes his mind.

Remember, don’t be quick to judge and stay humble.