Jamison Guice

This may come as a surprise, but I hated school. I would always dread the end of summer and catastrophize the first days of school.

Would I show up without my books? Or forget the school-assigned Ipad required for schoolwork? Wear my shoes on the wrong feet? It was always the smallest things that caused me the greatest anxiety because frankly, I did not want to be there.

I did not participate in extracurriculars and I had seen my friends over the summer, so there wasn’t much else I cared for besides getting my work done early and just reading a book for the remaining block period (Yes, I know. How lame.)

While this had always been my mentality towards school, I remember always being excited for the start of my elementary first days of school because I knew that my dad would come and bail me out sometime that week.

While this did nothing except have me look forward to escaping the school building, those school days that ended around 11 a.m. are some of my best memories.

I would get called to the office for some reason or another and see my dad standing there grinning ear to ear after concocting some lie to the front office that there was a doctor appointment or funeral to attend. I’ll actually never forget the day my fourth-grade teacher pulled me aside and asked if I needed anything from the school since she heard I must attend a funeral that afternoon...apparently she was not in on the joke and nine-year-old me was forced to scramble for an excuse.

But once checked out, my dad and I skipped on over to our regular morning breakfast place to sit at our usual spot while I dug into an order of pancakes with a side of bacon. The owner would always come over and ask me how school was going and joke with my dad about the good ol’ days. And I would just keep on eating with the knowledge that we would run by some kind of store, and I’d find something to take home. One time, I brought home a Disney princess lamp from Home Depot. I guess my dad thought his wallet would be safe in Home Depot, but fortunately for me, he was wrong.

To keep this short, while I did dread the first days of school and always impatiently waited for the day to be over, the surprise breakfasts and half days will always be my favorite way to spend a school day.