The Homeland City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting, Thursday, July 9.

During the meeting, the council announced the kiddie park of Waughtel Park has been dismantled and moved to make room for the installation of the new well. The well is currently being calibrated and drilling will begin this week. The new system is being paid for by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

City employee Bobby Brantley shared the trash crew is doing a good job and the only issues are with the old cans. The trash truck tippers have been fixed, and are continuing to work well. He said the crew is working on swapping out broken cans with repaired cans. He also suggested the city change trash pick-up days to Tuesdays, as many holidays fall on Mondays, this will give the trash crews more time to swap out broken cans. Because the third Tuesday of the month is when white goods are picked up, this pick-up day will be moved to the third Thursday. The council agreed to switch the days effective August 1. 

Councilman Mark Williams shared the drainage issue in Nature Trails Estate neighborhood has been corrected. The public works team is also working on repairing trashcans, cleaning ditches, and servicing vehicles. One of the lawn mowers was taken to the shop for repairs. Councilman L.C. Guinn shared he has been to the neighborhood during several showers and the yards have not been flooding. The councilman is currently working on the drainage issue on East Hazel. He also found a tree on the road that needs to be taken down. The council agreed, a contractor would need to be called for the tree. He has also been working on fixing trashcans. 

Councilman Jon Finsness announced the dumpster is still at city hall and is continuing to be used. The dumpster will be emptied this week. The city is only paying $250.00 per dump, which is usually done monthly. The Clean Community Board is researching the cost of purchasing its own dumpster and looking into cost variations between renting and owning a dumpster.

Councilman Finsness also presented the council with a warning letter to be used to enforce the Clean Community Ordinance. The council agreed to send the letter to the attorney to look over it and make any revisions. It will then be presented to the council again.

Mayor Ouida Johnson shared there is no hurry to fill the Public Works Supervisor position as the council’s involvement has been going well.

The council unanimously voted to give officer Mike King a $1.00 per hour raise and to have him promoted to Lieutenant.

The council will meet again Thursday, August 13 at 7:00 p.m. at city hall.