By Marla Ogletree

The Charlton County Board of Education held a called meeting Monday, June 3, in the conference room. During the meeting, the decision was made to hire Dr. Brent Tilley as the new principal of Bethune Middle School. Dr. Tilley, a native of Tennessee, is a graduate of Maryville College in Tennessee. He served as an assistant principal for Nassau County Schools from 2005-2009, Principal of Hilliard High School from 2009-2015, and Assistant Principal of Bethune Middle School beginning in 2015.

The resignations were approved for Joanna Underwood from Bethune Elementary School, and Carrie Gardner from Folkston Elementary School. The transfer of Brian Lloyd was approved to move to Charlton County High School.

In other news, Superintendent Dr. John Lairsey went over a summery of the 2020 Fiscal Year Budget. He said there is a $966,000.00 increase from 2019 due to the $3,000.00 teacher raises. He stated there will not be a need to increase local revenue, as the increase will be covered by state revenue.