I am always happy to get back home after being away for a few days.  I suppose Cheryl and I are primarily home bodies, even though we do enjoy an occasional trip.  We were in Bartow last Friday, in Ocala on Saturday and Sunday, and finally home again last night (Sunday night).

The weather down south was just a little bit drier, but there was rain here and there, but nothing like the downpours we have experienced the last few weeks.  Last night, however, coming up through Baldwin on US301, we experienced lightening and rain like I’ve never seen.  The lightening was so intense that I was amazed at how well my eyes instantly adjusted to different lighting conditions.  I had to marvel at how well God made our bodies, capable of withstanding some of the intense storm’s life has to offer.

Some of us, from time to time, experience storms which are not so visible, especially to others unless you are close friends or family.  We are all affected by situations in life which seem insurmountable and we wonder how in the world we will survive.  Not always physically, but emotionally or spiritually, because at that particular moment the sadness and hopelessness of a situation overtakes us.  We can become discouraged to the extent that we sometimes act irrationally, in word, thought, or deed.  

Consider all the wonders of the physical body.  It has the ability to withstand various stresses and situations which we don’t even think about because we are so used to overcoming them naturally.  However, we sometimes come apart at the seams over emotional upheavals.

Early last week while I was at work my youngest sister called and told me that her latest series of tests for cancer weren’t good.  Carol has been battling cancer for the last four years, and it has been a terrific stress for all of us, but especially for her husband Pat and son Callen.  

My sister, Helen, who is a nurse, warned me a few years ago that none of this was good for her.  I felt I could handle Carols prognosis better, because she was upbeat and felt each new episode was “just another bump in the road”.  I believe she inherited all this courage from our mother.  Helen (my other sister) and I feel we missed out when that attribute was passed through the “jeans”.  Some of you may think I’m totally uneducated.  I know “genes” is the proper spelling but that is a poor attempt at humor.

My point is that there are a number of things which we will face in life and if we are fortunate, we will handle them well, but alas, there are going to be horrible storms which will overtake us at some point, and we will need help.

Last Saturday, during my morning devotions, I read Habakkuk 3:17-19.  I was encouraged to once again read something from God’s guidebook which ascertained what I’ve said before.  God oversees everything.  Everything!

I know that many of you, along with me, are facing challenges which seem insurmountable and you wonder how you can overcome.  You really don’t need to do anything but remember that your strength will come from our Heavenly Father, if you desire and ask.  

I know that I can’t defeat cancer, heart trouble, political strife, or a million other things which saddle us with grief.  But I do know where my strength comes from.  To be honest, I sometimes fail to remember who to turn to and I wallow around for awhile before I remember that the one who made my eyes adjust to the changing lights instantly, also provided me with the ability to understand that He is with me always.

God bless all of you.  Please pray for one another and show kindness, even when you don’t feel like being kind. 

God bless Charlton County, Georgia, and the USA.