Shivar appointed Charlton County Recreation Director

The Recreation Board appointed Joel Shivar as Charlton County’s recreation director on August 9. Committee member Hampton Raulerson said one reason that Shivar was chosen was that he is a people person who has a keen desire to see the county’s recreation programs grow and expand in order to reach more children. In comparison to the other applicants, he was the best fit due to Shivar’s past professional experience.

“I expect for him to work with the community to expand our programs, increase participation and create a welcome environment for the children and parents in our community,” Raulerson said.

In just a month, the bathrooms located at the R.M. “Deuce” Lloyd Sports Complex have undergone renovations, the middle field graded and concession stand removed. A remote concession stand will be placed near the picnic tables with speakers at the field next year.

The bathrooms now feature new toilets, sink basins, mirrors, toilet paper holders, light switches, paint, detail work and some wiring. Maintenance Supervisor Charles Smith said it will take a little bit more time to get everything back in order, but it is all coming together. He said it is nice having someone like Shivar who has plenty of patience and who is willing to do something with the field.

In his new role, Shivar hopes to make the community proud and happy with all areas of recreation. He said that being recreation director is his dream job, and if he could work 12 hours a day, then he would.

Prior to this role, Shivar was enlisted in the United States Navy from 1989 until 2009 when he retired. Then, he worked at the D. Ray James Prison as a case manager where he handled a daily caseload of 200 inmates. Additionally, Shivar was also a Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) representative which is a position that helps provide community and support to others. This position overlapped during his time with the Navy and the prison, and he said that he was able to hold events like golfing tournaments for the inmates. In his free time, Shivar has helped coach Little League baseball, tee-ball, softball and soccer.

“It kind of was like a dream come true when this position became available,” Shivar said. “I didn’t know if I was the most qualified for it but when I applied to it, I put down all my experiences and everything I have done...So that is kind of how my path followed me to where I’m at now.”