On September 27, Deputy Moneke Holmes was dispatched to a call for a vehicle unable to maintain on Georgia 4 at mile marker 2. Deputy Holmes arrived on scene and made contact with the driver, Marianne Howell. Howell stated that someone was on the way to pick her up because the vehicle was undrivable. Deputy Holmes noticed a strong scent of alcohol. At this point Folkston PD Officer Wyatt Garvin arrived on scene. Officer Garvian asked Howell to step out of the vehicle and she refused. Officer Garvin asked again and Howell complied.

When asked to produce her license, Howell stated it was in her purse. Deputy Holmes searched the purse with permission from the subject, and was unable to locate a license. Howell said she needed to search the vehicle for the license and was told she could not reenter the truck. At this point she began to push and struggle against Officer Garvin. Officer Garvin informed her that she was under arrest for obstruction of a law enforcement officer. Howell was handcuffed and placed in Deputy Holmes’s patrol vehicle. A search of the subject’s vehicle found an open container of alcohol and a large Styrofoam cup with alcohol. Howell was arrested for DUI, open container and obstruction of law enforcement.

Also on September 27, Deputy Nathan Gwaltney responded to a call on Horseshoe Loop concerning threatening texts. The complainant stated that he had received texts prompted by a family dispute from another family member threatening to burn his down and other threats upon his person. A report was filed and the actions were noted should further action be necessary.

On September 28, Deputy Nicholas McDowell was dispatched to Pecan Street in reference to a dispute concerning a fence line. On arrival Deputy McDowell spoke with the complainant and observed the surveyor’s marks left the previous day. Deputy McDowell confirmed the fence was on the correct side of the surveyor’s marks.

On September 29, Deputy Scott Woodman responded to a call on Clay Street. On arrival, Deputy Woodman met the complainant who stated that two laptops had been stolen from her porch. She stated that she and another person had been transferring data from one laptop to a new one. They went inside for a minute or two and returned to find the laptops missing. This case is under investigation.

On September 30, Deputy Moneke Holmes responded to a call of a possible physical altercation on El Terrace Road. On arrival Deputy Holmes spoke with a female subject who stated that an argument with her husband had turned physical when she tried to leave the residence. She stated that her husband struck her with a belt while she was holding their toddler son. The belt struck the subject on the back and the child on the leg. The male subject confirmed that the incident did occur and was placed under arrest and charged with battery under the family violence act and cruelty to children in the third degree.

On September 30, Deputy Moneke Holmes responded to a call on Humphries Road. The complainant stated that an employee at his junkyard had been stealing from the property. The complainant stated that he had videos and pictures of the property at the employee’s home. After an investigation, warrants were obtained and Joshua Barfield was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property, and misdemeanor theft by taking.

On October 3, Deputy Jeff Floyd responded to a call of debit card transaction fraud. The subject stated that charges had been made on her card from a Target in Connecticut. This case is under investigation.