Sheriff Robert Phillips reports the following incidents for the previous week:

On November 21, Deputy Kevin Allday conducted a traffic stop on US 1 for speeding. After running the driver’s driving permit Deputy Allday learned that the license was suspended. The driver was placed under arrest for driving while license suspended and transported to the jail.

On November 24, Deputy Allday met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office who stated that his 2002 GMC Yukon had been stolen. The vehicle was entered into GCIC and the case was turned over to investigations.

Also on November 24, Deputy Allday attempted a traffic stop on Spring Lake Drive. As Deputy Allday was turning around to conduct the stop, the driver pulled into a driveway and fled the vehicle on foot. The vehicle was towed. Later the same day Deputy Allday observed the same male on Pinewood Street. The subject was arrested and charged with failure to yield after stopping at a stop sign, driving while license suspended, and fleeing or attempting to elude.

On November 29, Deputy Scott Woodman responded to a call of an altercation on Casey Lane. Upon arrival he spoke with the complainant who stated that she had a verbal altercation with her live-in boyfriend and wanted him removed from the premises. The complainant was referred to magistrate in order to obtain an eviction notice and to the clerk of court for a possible TPO.

On November 24, the Sheriff’s Office conducted one of its annual road safety check. With help from many neighboring agencies, the Sheriff’s Office set up the check on GA 4 at the intersection of 121, at Race Pond. This check serves as both a deterrent to and a means of detecting drivers who are driving in violation of the law on the busy Thanksgiving travel days. This year the following agencies provided assistance: Georgia State Patrol, Brantley County SO, Hoboken PD, Liberty County SO, Long County SO, Jesup PD, Ware County SO, Camden Co SO, Wayne County SO, Clinch County SO, Department of Community Supervision, and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Sheriff Phillips would like to extend his personal thanks and appreciation to all the agencies, deputies, and officers who helped us with this important task.

The following citations and warrants were issued from the safety check:

Misdemeanor marijuana possession – 10

Felony possession of controlled substance - Three

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol – Three

Possession of drug related objects – Three

No license on person – Three

Driving while license suspended – Three

Felony possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute - Two

Driving while unlicensed – Two

Open container of alcohol – Two

Improper equipment - One