Search teams, including members from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Clay County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), and State Attorney’s Office are currently working on locating the body of Clay County woman, Susan Mauldin, at the Chesser Island Road Landfill in Folkston. The search began Tuesday, January 21.

Mauldin, 65, was last seen October 23 and was reported missing the next day. The search area is about the size of a baseball diamond, with approximately 40 search members on scene at any given time, in addition to administrative and medical staff.

The FBI and CCSO will attempt to take advantage of all daylight hours within a 12-hour shift. Workers will continue to search if it rains, but break if conditions such as lighting pose a danger. Once lightning passes, the search will resume until daylight expires. The crew is also prepared for extreme temperatures, and have temperature controlled tents available for personnel wearing protective gear. Line searchers are required to wear Tyvek protective suits, boots, gloves, glasses, and respirators. FBI medical staff are on site to address any potential health issues, and experts from the FBI Technical Hazards Response Unit are monitoring site hazards.

The landfill has been the center of other high-profile cases, such as the Somer Thompson case in 2009 and Joleen Cummings case in 2018.

“We commend the management team at Chesser Island who helped identify the area where potential evidence could be, and preserved the area as the investigation progressed to this point,” said a representative from the FBI.

“Chesser Island Road Landfill serves tens of thousands of customers in both Florida and Georgia, and the management team has expressed the importance of keeping their operations on schedule, as entire communities rely on them. We are making every effort to stay focused, do good work, and minimize our impact.

Staff is tentatively scheduled to keep working through next week, but will be adjusted as the search progresses.