The city of Homeland held its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, August 13. 

During the meeting, Mayor Ouida Johnson announced the resignation of Blair Nixon, Water Operator for the city. The city made the decision to promote Bobby Brantley to Water Operator. He is currently going through training to take over the position. In the meantime, the council has a list of licensed water operators who may be called if needed.

Also during the meeting, Councilman Kip Taylor, who is also a council member on the local Fire Board, stated Charlton County Fire and Rescue is currently short 25 firefighters and is looking for more volunteers. 

Councilman Mark Williams told the council the grass at Homeland Cemetery and the baseball fields is in the process of being cut. The work was halted due to inclement weather. He also stated some of the ditches in the area have been drained by himself and the hard work of Councilman L.C. Guinn. The two are still working on the drainage issues. It was also announced the two entrances to Waughtel Park are still blocked off due to work being done installing the new well. 

The Clean Community Board is still in discussion on how to handle violators of the new Clean Community Ordinance. Chief Brad Todd stated the police department would begin writing citations once again. Councilman Jon Finsness asked the members of the Clean Community Board as well as Chief Todd to meet at a later date. 

Mayor Johnson alerted the council that the city has received the first deposit of the year for SPLOST funds in the amount of $27,086.16.

The council has found a flatbed truck that is about $300 over their budget, but has been assured the city will be able to cover the difference. 

Councilman Taylor expressed his concerns about the number of dead or dying trees in the city. He stated he has seen at least two-dozen trees in need of cutting and advised the council to contact Georgia Power to cut the trees below the power lines. He also suggested the laborers take care of the ones they can and look into hiring a professional to take down the rest. A motion was officially made to identify the trees and to contact Georgia Power as well as searching for a professional. The motion was passed unanimously. 

Mayor Johnson alerted the council she would be giving both Bobby Allen and Bobby Brantley a raise, making the pay $11.00 an hour. 

Jimmy Harris, of Homeland, shared his concerns of speeding, suspicious activity, pits, and standing water at his Nature Trails Estate home. Harris stated there is a large pit in front of his driveway, which blocks his and his wife from driving their cars into their driveway. Next, he shared two cones were placed to identify a water leak in the neighborhood, and were still there six months later. He said the cones have been there so long, there is grass is growing out of the top of them. He stated he was told the city’s motor grater is used once a week to smooth surfaces, but said he has not seen it in a month. During the meeting, the board mentioned the ditches were successfully drained, however, Harris feels the work has made matters worse and stagnant water is filling the ditch closest to his home. He added there is now a mosquito problem and he cannot mow his grass because of the moisture. Harris then expressed his concern regarding the speeding and suspicious activity at the end of the community. He explained many households with children have moved in and he is worried if the city does not do anything about the speeding on this road, someone is going will be hit. He suggested something to be done, such as lowering the speed limit or adding speed bumps. 

Harris then addressed the suspicious activity. He said he sees many Florida tags and way too many vehicles flying in that direction, and wishes for someone to address the traffic issue. 

Councilman Guinn addressed Harris’ concern of the standing water, stating because of all the rain over the past few days, the council is waiting on the mud to dry. Once the mud is dry, the council will then attempt to drain the water. 

Chief Brad Todd shared the department has already been made aware of the speeding and the suspicious activity.

The next scheduled meeting is will be held Thursday, September 10 at 7:00 p.m.