The City of Homeland had its regular monthly meeting Thursday, December 12. During the meeting, council members discussed the contract with Advance Disposal and stated the contract will end in three weeks. Following the end of the contract, the city will take over the garbage pick-up. Councilman Mark Williams stated the city was paying approximately $37,000.00 to Advance Disposal, but was only collecting around $35,000.00. He also stated the truck the city will use for pick-up is finished, and is now only needing a mechanism to pick up the trash cans.  Public Works Superintendent Blair Nixon stated there are only 35 to 40 salvageable trash cans, but there are 107 more needed. He also stated he would go back out on trash day to get a better count. Nixon suggested the council keep in mind the 107 cans damaged under the contract with Advance Disposal and the city may want to see if there would be a compensation. The council also discussed the need of two to three more employees to be added to pick up the trash.

Also during the meeting, the council discussed the success of the Founder’s Day Celebration. Councilwoman Lisa Nettles suggested the council begin working on the festivities earlier next year in an effort to bring in more vendors. The council also spoke of moving the date to accommodate more citizens, but after further discussion decided to leave it the first Saturday of November, 2020.

Councilman Jon Finsness updated the council on the updates of the Clean Community Board. He stated the city is down to one roll-back dumpster, which is seeing a lot of use and working well for Homeland. Finsness stated the board is trying to discourage citizens from placing yard debris on city easement. Councilman Finsness also addressed the council on the update of the Drug Policy/Policy & Procedures Manual for city employees. He told the council he has made the changes addressed, and would like to move forward with putting it into place. Councilwoman Nettles stated she is still working on job descriptions, and Councilman Richard Gwaltney made a motion to approve only the Drug Policy, while Councilman Nettles continues work on the rest of the manual. The motion passed unanimously.

Councilwoman Donna King expressed concern of the Right o Way on Broadway and the amount of parked vehicles on city streets. She was advised to contact law enforcement should there be any vehicles obstructing the roads and allow them to issue citations.

Councilwoman Nettles alerted the council that the city has received its first invoice for the surveying and drafting of the new well, for which the city received a grant. The well is still in the engineering process. She also reminded the council about the Santa event at Waughtel Park Saturday, December 21. She stated she will be donating hot chocolate and cookies for the event.

The council members went into executive session at 7:53 p.m. and exited at 8:17 p.m. No action was taken.