By Marla Ogletree

The Homeland City Council held its first regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, January 9. Councilwoman Lisa Nettles was absent.

During the meeting, the council heard from Vinny Tanner, of Alma. Tanner spoke to the council on his hope to build an RV Park at the corner of 301 and U.S. 1 on a nine-acre lot. He stated he would model the park after Jenny Ridge at the south end of Folkston. City Councilwoman Donna King asked if there would be permanent residents living in the park. Tanner assured her there would be no permanent occupants, and storage would be allotted for long-term visitors. Councilman Jon Finsness expressed his concern for the high volume of traffic. Tanner assured him there is an access to the property which avoids the main traffic to make traveling safer for guests. Tanner stated should he receive the council’s blessing, he will follow up with blue prints, and begin the process of gaining permits and inspections. The council agreed for him to move forward.

Also during the meeting, Public Works Superintendent Blair Nixon alerted the council the two lawnmowers began sputtering at the same time, and have been sent off to be repaired. They are both under warranty. Once the mowers are returned, the public works department will spray for sand spurs at Homeland Cemetery. Nixon also shared he is training workers on testing. The department is flushing the water system twice a month in an effort to resolve the testing issues. The tank is drained, given time to dry some, refilled and the samples are then taken. The testing is done at the same two locations, which have minimum usage. Nixon stated he is consulting with the Environmental Protection Division (EPD), as well as the Georgia Rural Water Association to figure out what is causing the problems with the water supply for the city. Nixon agreed to keep the council updated on the progress.

Councilman Finsness told the council the dumpster, currently leased by the city, stays full and Advance Disposal must change it out often. He suggested the city look into purchasing its own unit and have Glenn Taylor, of Taylor Sales and Recycling, service the waste, taking out Advance Disposal all together. The council agreed that they like the concept, and will look into an economical solution. The council members also discussed locking up the dumpster in order to make sure there are only Homeland residents discarding trash in the dumpster. The city will place a sign with a phone number to call to receive a key and gain use of the dumpster. Residents must show a photo I.D. The motion was made and passed unanimously. 

Councilman Mark Williams stated the garbage truck is working well. Trash pick-up is scheduled for Fridays, and went as well as could be expected for the first day. The truck is only 13 yards, so Williams is concerned it is too small to carry all the waste. The council discussed looking into a larger truck. No motion was made.

The Policy and Procedures manual, regarding the drug policy, for the employees of Homeland was finalized, and officially adopted. The council also approved the annual City  of Ethics Resolutions.

At the end of the meeting, council members were addressed by Mike and Mandy Corpening about unleashed dogs in the area. Mike Corpening stated a group of dogs has already chased children into their yard. Mandy Corpening stated she has lost a number of chickens and rabbits due to the loose dogs. Councilman Gwaltney stated anyone also struggling with the dogs, must contact city hall and file a report.