A regularly scheduled meeting for the City of Homeland occurred on Thursday, October 8.

During the meeting, the board approved the minutes from the September 10 meeting and the September financial report.

Kipp Taylor, who is a member of the Fire Board, informed the council the city is still short on firefighters and still running heavily with the medical response team. 

Bobby Brantley said the piping inside the well house is done and the well is looking good. It was announced both Bobby Brantley and Wesley Crews passed the exam to be water operators. Currently Wesley Crews is the water department operator.  

The streets and sanitation department hired a new general laborer, Daniel Bowyer. It was brought to attention that equipment in the park has been getting vandalized. Mayor  Johnson said she sees children out there all the time after dark and tells them to go home, but as soon as she leaves, they return. She stated visitors could be charged for vandalizing equipment and trespassing. The way the park is set up, it cannot be blocked off, but signs have been posted. The cemetery will be mowed and weed-eated next week.

Jon Finsness, from the Clean Community Board, proposed the idea of amending the ordinance instead of preparing a whole new ordinance. The plan is to take out section six and replace it with something else. This would take the board out of municipal issues and put in law enforcement. Finsness also assured the council the dumpsters are doing well. 

The council announced the city has received $29,059.69 for the LMIG Project to drain culverts and to put dirt in place on the roads. 

The mold in City Hall has been taken care of. The ridge cap was resealed, but the sewage pipe between the two bathrooms needs to be fixed. 

Kipp Taylor said the plan for the tree removal is to first identify the trees that propose a safety hazard, then continue with the rest. Bobby Allen will cut down as many as he can safely. 

In the past years, Founders’ Day fell on the day of the Georgia-Florida football game.  The entire council agreed they do not want to have it on the same day this year. The council discussed how the event would play out with COVID-19 regulations and dates. The event was tabled for later discussion. 

Visitors were recognized and the meeting was adjourned. The next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.