The Homeland City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting, Thursday, July 11 at city hall.

During the meeting, the council members heard from County Inspector Donald Glover about the need to update ordinances for old and new mobile homes brought into the city. They discussed updating fees for the permits, the need for the two inspections, and stressed the importance of the proof of the installer’s license. Glover expressed the issue of installers not leaving the proper information for the power companies, and suggested the city update their rules to include the proof of installer license before giving permits. He also told the council there is an option for Georgia Power to go city hall and set up a portal on their computer so they can send the installer’s sticker to Atlanta for filing, as a way to quickly turn on power at the new residence. The council asked Glover to bring a copy of the state laws and codes for ordinances so they can properly update the ordinance, and he agreed.

Also during the meeting, Councilman Jon Finsness spoke of the Clean Community Ordinance, and expressed the need for local yards to be cleared. He suggested a community-wide Homeland Clean-up Week. This would entail leaving dumpsters allotted  to  certain items at city hall for the week, and would end with a community day at Waughtel Park. Citizen Gerald Tait expressed his concern for those who do not have the means to haul trash to the dump and agreed the community-wide clean-up would be the best way get many involved. Councilman Richard Gwaltney suggested making a list of volunteers to help those who are not able to pick up their yard to bring their items to city hall. The decision was made to allow Finsness to put together a time and date.

Public Works Superintendent Blair Nixon spoke to the council about the crucial need for a new mower for next year, and said they are doing all they can to preserve the current mowers, but parts are falling off of them. He supplied the members with prices for new mowers and the included warranties. They discussed the pros and cons to each mower and the need to purchase a Bush Hog. Council members Kip Taylor and Lisa Nettles suggested Nixon contact Dixon Tractor, out of Blackshear, to see what deal they may offer for both a mower and Bush Hog. It was agreed unanimously. Nixon also updated the council of the on-going battle with sand spurs at Homeland Cemetery, and stated he has not seen any. Councilman Gwaltney said he feels they should keep on their normal schedule to help prevent the return of the spurs.

Also during discussions, the council unanimously agreed to have the Homeland City Police car painted, updated the water meter installation fee to $450, and were alerted of the meeting coming up for the start date of the repavement of Old Dixie Highway.

At the end of the meeting, council member Lisa Nettles introduced Mark Williams, who has expressed interest in joining the Homeland City Council. Williams has lived in Homeland for 33 years. He is married to Shannon, who works for the local post office. Mark, Shannon, and their children have been a part of cleaning up Homeland. He stated he wished to see Homeland clean and back to the way it used to be. 

The council will hold a called meeting, Thursday, July 18 at 7:00 p.m. at city hall.