The Homeland City Council held a special called meeting Thursday, July 18 at City Hall. 

During the meeting, Richard Gwaltney made a motion to nominate Mark Williams, of Homeland, to City Council Post Four. The motion was seconded by Council member Lisa Nettles, and carried unanimously. Williams, 34, is married to Shannon, and they have two sons. 

Also during the meeting, the council discussed the purchase of a new Bush Hog and mower. After searching online, Council member Lisa Nettles found a Bush Hog listed online for $1,575.00 in Richmond Hill. The attachment is less expensive than the Bush Hog presented to the council at the previous meeting by Public Works Supervisor Blair Nixon. A motion was made unanimously to purchase the online Bush Hog, after passing an inspection. Council member Nettles also made a motion to continue to search for better deals, the motion was seconded by Council member Donna King, and was passed unanimously. 

Councilman Richard Gwaltney stated the council was not interested in participating in the 2020 Okefenokee Occasion, and made a motion to not attend. The motion was seconded by Jon Finsness, and carried unanimously.