A regularly scheduled meeting was held Thursday, September 10, for the City of Homeland. 

Kip Taylor, a member of the Fire Board stated the Charlton County Fire and Rescue is still short of firefighters and in need of more volunteers. 

Taylor stated, “We’re having problems with people passing the background check.” 

The City of Homeland still does not have a water operator at this time; however, Bobby Brantley and Wesley Crews will be taking the certification test soon. 

The new well has been installed for the city and the foundation for the well is being prepared. With the project almost finished, Waughtel Park has been re-opened. 

With all of the rain, the council has received many concerns about drainage issues. The start date to begin working on correcting the issue is September 14. The streets and sanitation department plans to grade the ditches to prevent drainage issues in the future. Local citizen, Jason Ritter, donated a laser grade to the City of Homeland to help with the drainage issues. 

Members of the Clean Community Board announced the garbage pickup is still going well, and the cemetery has been mowed. The board has also requested more chief involvement in enforcing the new Clean Community Ordinance. The board also shared the dumpsters are still being used regularly, and the swings at the park will be replaced. 

The Public Works position has been filled by Wesley Crews, while Nicholas Seyler filled the laborer position. 

The council approved the purchase of a dump truck and golf cart, which were purchased with T-SPLOST and SPLOST funds. The council spoke on continuation of the LMIG Grant, which is to help improve storm drainage, saying it is a three-year grant for 2019, 2020, and 2021 and the city received $102,000 from the Department of Transportation (DOT). 

Councilman Kip Taylor announced he had received a bid for local tree removal; however, the board rejected the bid, deciding to continue the search and wait on Georgia Power to trim the trees around power lines and then reconvene. 

Mayor Ouida Johnson informed the council of  mold issues at City Hall. The council voted to reset the building and replace the ridge cap, costing the city approximately  $1500.00. 

The next scheduled meeting will be held Thursday, October 8, at 7:00 p.m.