After unprecedented events shook the turnout of the Folkston City Council election in November 2020, the race for the at-large city council seat concluded on March 16, 2021. Jim Gowen overtook Natasha Donley in the outcome of the Folkston City Council race and will fill the vacancy left by the late Stanley Golaszewski. 

“I am just excited to help and represent the people of Folkston. I am looking forward to learning from the city employees and the other elected officials about how everything works…from the building codes to the sewer system,” Gowen stated, explaining his excitement on winning the seat he had to campaign for two different times. “I feel I need to learn as much as I can about the city so that I can be an effective representative and make an informed decision when voting on issues for the citizens of Folkston,” he continued, sharing his eagerness to begin his work with the Folkston City Council.