The Council for the City of Folkston held a regularly scheduled meeting Monday, April 15. During the meeting, discussion was held to upgrade the pedestrian buttons and lights at the traffic signal located at the intersection of Main and First Streets. Following discussion, a motion was made and unanimously approved to pay $2,500.00 to complete the upgrades.

Other business

The first reading of changes to the water and tap fees ordinance was approved. The changes would change the fee structure for new water and sewer taps. The new fee structure will require City employees to inspect the site once a tap is requested. After inspection a cost will be shared with the requesting party before work is started.

Information was shared regarding a request from the City of Homeland to have the City of Folkston supply an emergency water hookup. The possible hookup would be placed near Flash Foods in Homeland and would only be used as an emergency. An intergovernmental agreement would be signed and would be at no cost to the City of Folkston. Following discussion a motion was made and unanimously approved to proceed with the project if requested by the City of Homeland.

Proposed changes to the lease agreement allowing AT&T to place equipment on the water tower located on Highway 252 was discussed. Following discussion a motion was made and approved to turn down any changes and keep the current agreement until it is completed.

Folkston Police Chief Wesley Green reported that during the month of March the department responded to 39 incidents, eight accidents, answered 1,000 calls and collected $11,346.00 including the City’s portion of $10,273.00.

City Manager Pender Lloyd informed the council that all sewer tie-ins have been completed and the street sweeper had been repaired.

Information was shared of the current representative on the Southern Georgia Area Agency on Aging would like to step down and would need to be replaced. 

The following was approved during the meeting: minutes from March 18 regular meeting; minutes from April 8 work session; income statements; and expense statements.