The Folkston Police Department recently released the following incident reports for September 7 to September 25.

On September 7, Officer James Murray was dispatched to 3026 GA Hwy. 252 in reference to a subject, Anabel Gonzalez, with possible contraband.  Upon arrival, Officer Murray made contact with the facility staff and tested the suspected contraband in a methamphetamine kit and on a cocaine swab. The substance tested positive for methamphetamine/MDMA. Gonzalez was placed under arrest and transported to the jail.  She was then interviewed and mirandized with the assistance of an I.C.E. agent and the U.S. Immigration Language Center. Gonzalez was then turned over to the jailors on duty and warrants will be taken for the offenses of possession of methamphetamine, crossing a guardline with a controlled substances, and trading with inmate without warden’s consent.

September 8, Officer Michael Maddox and Charlton County Deputy Scott Woodman made contact with Timothy Shawn Horne at 6017 S. Second Street in reference to Horne having a superior court violation/parole warrant. While attempting to arrest Horne, he began to back away and physically resist. Officer Maddox grabbed Horne and maneuvered him to the ground, where he continued to resist, holding his arms under him. Horne then surrendered and was taken into custody. Horne was also found to be in possession of one glass pipe containing meth residue, two blue Eagle brand torch style lighters, and one Digitz brand digital scale, black in color. Horne was transported to the Charlton County jail where he was interviewed and turned over to the jailor. Warrants were secured on Horne for the charges of obstructing law enforcement officers, possession of a drug-related object, possession of methamphetamine, and wanted person.  This case was cleared by arrest.

September 8, Officer Michael Maddox responded to a stolen car report on Paxton Road. Upon arrival, it was found the offenders, Jarquavius Amonee Wilkins, Leon Jamontay Williams, Derrica Necole Stubbs, and Angel Rosemary Shellman were in an altercation due to the ownership of a cellular phone. The incident was found to have occurred at 896 Dixie Lake Road and was outside in public view.  The cellular phone was a white iPhone 8 Plus with serial number F17VR9SY JCM3 and model number MQ8U2LL/A. All offenders were placed under arrest and transported to the Charlton County jail, where they were interviewed, issued citations, processed, and released.  All offenders were charged with disorderly conduct.  This case was closed by arrest.

September 9, Officer Jason Rifenbark responded to an unauthorized use of vehicle incident at D. Ray James Prison. The complainant Meisha Niccole Bailey advised the offender Shaniyah Tiaondra Lewis used the 2015 Nissan Altima without her permission. While conducting the interview, Officer Rifenbark observed Lewis returning with the vehicle to the incident scene, traveling west on Highway 252 and turning into D. Ray James Prison.  Officer Rifenbark observed Lewis operating the Nissan from the driver’s seat, being the only person in the Nissan. Officer Rifenbark made contact with Lewis who provided a GA I.D. Only Card and checked her information through G.C.I.C, which revealed that Lewis was not licensed to operate a motor vehicle. Lewis was taken into custody and transported to the Sheriff’s office, where she was issued the citation for the charge of licensed driving while unlicensed or expired license, and turned over to the jailor on duty.

September 9, the offender, Shai’reik Trent’tajh Vernon, was operating a 1998 Buick Centry, on Main Street. Vernon passed a stopped school bus, whose lights were flashing, the signs were out, and the bus was in the process of unloading children. The incident was caught on video.  The owner of the vehicle was contacted and brought the offender, Vernon, to the police department.  Officer Jason Rifenbark issued Vernon a citation for failing to stop for school bus loading/unloading.  This case is closed.

September 15, Officer Rifenbark responded to a shoplifting call at 1700 North Second Street, Friendly Express.  When Officer Rifenbark arrived he met with complainant, Stacy Brewer, who advised she observed the offender, Brandon Cameron Hudgins, had stuffed two Hostess snacks down his pants without paying for the items.  The items valued at two dollars each, with total value of items taken being four dollars.  Hudgins left the store before law enforcement arrived. The investigation resulted in Hudgins being taken into custody and transported to the Sheriff’s office where he was interviewed and issued a citation for theft by shoplifting second offense – shoplifting less than $300.00.  Hudgins had a prior conviction of shoplifting on December 15, 2017 in Parisburg, VA. The incident was captured on video. This case is closed.

September 25, Officer Rifenbark responded to a single vehicle crash at the corner of Indian Trail and GA Highway #4. When Officer Rifenbark arrived he observed a 1998 Toyota Avalon crashed in the ditch, damaging the culvert pipe, and it was unoccupied. A witness advised that the offender, Raquel Denise Harvey, spoke with them briefly before getting in a passing vehicle and leaving. Documents discovered in the abandoned vehicle, as well as, witness statements revealed the offender, Harvey, was in operation of the Toyota at the time of the crash and left before law enforcement arrived. Harvey, does not have a valid driver’s license. Yahweh towed the vehicle. The tag on the vehicle came back to a Mitsubishi and does not have insurance. Harvey was charged with tags alteration/improper plates/registration, licensed driving while unlicensed or expired/new resident, no insurance, failure to report an accident with injury/death, and failure to maintain lane.  This case is under investigation.

September 25, Officer Gary Rhoden was dispatched to Dollar General, 4783 Second Street, in reference to a white male with a plaid shirt, hair in a ponytail, possibly shoplifting.  While enroute, the complainant advised that the male left the scene.  Officer Rhoden located the male matching the description walking north from the store and identified him as Eli Whitley Pearson.  Officer Rhoden’s investigation revealed Mr. Pearson shoplifted two six-packs of Snickers candy bars, one pack of Reese’s candy, two cans of sour cream Pringles, one Idahoan mashed potatoes, one can of green beans, and one two2-liter Coco-Cola bottle, total value being $9.83.   Mr. Pearson was placed under arrest and transported to the jail where he was interviewed, charged with shoplifting less than $300.00, and turned over to the jailor on duty.  Pearson was also served a criminal trespass warning for the Dollar General at 4783 Second Street.