The Folkston City Council met for a well-attended and socially distant regularly scheduled meeting Monday, September 21. 

During the meeting, Chief Green announced the Folkston Police Department for the month of August investigated 20 incident reports, 10 accidents, and answered 1,512 calls. The department collected $11,857.00 in fines and cash bonds. The city’s portion was $9,085.13. Chief Green also reassured the council the resource officers at the schools are doing very well. 

Also during the meeting, City Manager Pender Lloyd stated the Homeland Park bridge project is complete with $20,000 left over. Lloyd also stated this project was much-needed and citizens can now tell a tremendous difference. 

It was announced the COVID Relief Fund total was $217,679.00.  Lloyd gave a special thanks to Deputy Clerk Hali Coffee. 

Pastor Terrance Pender addressed the council in regards to the annual MLK celebration. He explained he is still in the planning process for the event. The celebration will be Monday, January 11 at 11:00 a.m. It will be a march, the same route as last year. A service will be held in Chatman-Mobley Park at 12:00 p.m. 

Pender said, “This year we want to honor all the first responders, nurses, EMT, etc.” 

Pender would like to remind everyone that horses and four-wheelers are not allowed. 

Chamber Director Dana O’Quinn stated the Governor’s office and Georgia Department of Economic Development is in full support of the Okefenokee Festival being held. She shared she is also encouraging businesses to put up COVID liability signs. 

Local citizen Antwon Nixon addressed the council in regards to the proposed idea of speed bumps being placed on Mt. Caramel and Laura Streets. He explained there have been many complaints of drag racing. 

Lloyd suggested adding stop signs as an alternative for speed bumps. 

Nixon explained he is for anything that will keep the children safe. 

Chief Green also agreed to more patrolling in the area in an effort to help keep the area safe.

The council decided to get more information and discuss it at the next meeting. 

In other news, the Tower Street bid was approved. The only bid consisted of two contracts from Seaboard Construction. Contract A totaled  $276,280.58 and part B totaled $216,893.86, putting contract A over budget, so the city will work with the contractor to revise the project. The Department of Transportation will give $250,000.00 per contract with a total of $500,000.00 for the project. 

The council adopted the Service Delivery Agreement, which states the county and cities will work together to provide services for entity. 

The Patrol Car Bid was approved. The bid is for two Ford Explorers from Wade Ford.  Each vehicle will be $34,265.00 without other equipment. 

Elaine Bailey mentioned the need to re-paint the parking and middle lines on Main Street. She also expressed concerns of 18-wheelers coming down Main Street. 

The council stated there is an application out to have the lines re-done, but was rejected. The issue is still on the list. The council stated, in the past, there were signs at each end of the county which read, “No semis on Main Street.” 

The council will meet again Monday, October 19.