The Folkston City Council met Monday, March 8.

During the meeting, the council heard from Folkston Police Chief Wesley Green who stated the department investigated 37 incidents, six accidents and answered 1,248 calls. During the month of February, the department collected $13,994.00 with the city’s portion being $12,060.11.

City Manager Pender Lloyd alerted the council that the Tower Street project is coming along. Folkston has received one check request, but was sent back to be adjusted. Pender also stated the Main Street project proposal is being worked on now and will hopefully be submitted within the month and put out to bid by mid September. The tax check from Georgia Power was received for approximately $148,000.00. Pender stated next year’s check may be smaller due to the prison’s closing.

The council heard from members of the St. Marys Riverkeeper in regards to the Spanish Creek Watershed Management Plan. It was announced the research has been completed. Higher concentrations of E-Coli  bacteria were found, mostly related to wild hogs and some human fecal matter. The plan is to continue the monitoring with Charlton County High School students and teachers who were trained to do research testing by members of the St. Marys Riverkeeper. Additional grant funds will be sought and Public Education BPMs can be perused to cover required local matching funds, specifically septic system maintenance and proper waste disposal. The plan will be to eventually research each site individually and take it one at a time.

A resolution was passed unanimously to refinance an old loan, which will save the city a substantial amount of money. The resolution would also authorize the mayor to enter into the contract. The resolution will also lock in the interest rates with Truist Bank.

The Development Authority requested to have Jim Gowen reappointed to the Development Authority Board. The motion was passed unanimously.

The council will meet Monday, April 19 at 6:30 p.m.