First-annual Da Stix Court basketball tournament

Good Folks member Salih Lutfi working on a basketball post. 

The first-annual “Da Court Kings Three-on-three Basketball Tournament” kicks off Saturday, October 16 at 10:00 a.m. on the corner of Laura and Ann Street. Antwon “Cheez” Nixon and Robert “Head” Alderman, Jr. put together the event, and Curt “Slick” Nixon and Mike “Housecat” Houston are the team coaches.

Saturday is full of events with the three-on-three tournament, an all-star game, card games, grilling and music. For anyone on the sidelines, find your favorite player who will be wearing a brand-new tournament jersey.

The tournament caps at 20 teams; one team includes three players and one substitute, men ages 17 years and up. Next year, there are plans to expand the tournament to include both male and female players.

The three-on-three starts the morning off with two rounds, and players are then selected to play in the full-court all-star game’s one round. Trophies will be awarded at the event’s end for the three-on-three’s first and second place winners and the all-star game’s first place and most valued player winner (MVP).

Nixon and Alderman aim to shine a light on the court’s personal and historical significance. According to Nixon, Folkston’s first Black school was previously located on the property.

Additionally, Nixon and Alderman hope to give the kids someplace they can be proud of. The court now sports brand-new 72-inch backboards with metal break-away rims.

Work continues and The Good Folks, a group sponsored by Nixon, is working with the County and Recreation Department to make the dream come true. Currently, there are plans to hook up electrical access, a water faucet and install bleachers. Also, the court is to be resurfaced and painted with court markings by the tournament’s date; but if not, then soon.

The idea to revamp the court occurred to Nixon back towards the end of August when he was shooting hoops, and he said there was resounding support when he reached out to friends.

Court contributors include Antwon Nixon, Robert Alderman, Jr., Richard Wright, Dewayne Atwater, Walter Garard, Terrance Webb, Malcolm Atwater, Michael Bolden, Derek Blake, Dwain Doles, Jayvelle Monroe and Salih Lutfi.

“What we want to get out of the tournament is to bring people together in Charlton County,” Alderman, Jr. said. “Basically, we’re trying to give the young folks something to do.”