Thursday,October 29 The Charlton County Board of Education held a called meeting to discuss personnel.

During the meeting, the agenda was approved and the board went into executive session, and no action was taken. 

Dr. John Lairsey reminded the board of his retirement as superintendent and expressed his appreciation of the board. 

Board Chairman Dr. Matthew Sands expressed his appreciation on behalf of the board to Dr. Lairsey and all of his work during his time as superintendent. 

The board accepted Dr. Lairsey’s retirement. 

The announcement of the hiring of Dr. Brent Tilley as superintendent was made. Dr. Tilley expressed his thanks and said he has enjoyed his past six years in Charlton County. 

Dr. Sands said, “We’re looking for great things.” 

The next meeting is scheduled for November 17 at 7:00 p.m.