Damage at recreation parks and landing, police notified

If you have taken a stroll in some of Charlton County’s quaint parks, you should have noticed the tire tracks marking the fields, a damaged fence and deep ruts in the mud.

Recreation Director Joel Shivar discovered the ruts in the Chatham-Mobley Park on December 14 and notified the police. According to Shivar, the ruts are right near the playground. The damage can also be seen in the photo to the far left (as seen in print story), or any family strollers who plan to visit the park today. Additionally, the Laura and Ann basketball court’s grounds also had tracks.

Later on December 30, Shivar discovered similar ruts at the St. George Recreation Center and the St. George boat landing; police were also notified. The fencing at the center was knocked over and bent, so it will have to be completely replaced. He hopes to reuse the chain link. Shivar currently does not have an estimate on that because the fence was priced with a package in the past.

Shivar hopes to get working on the parks soon, but right now the department’s schedule is booked. He hopes for some volunteers to help rake out the ruts.

Moving forward, he asks that if anyone sees similar incidents, to please notify someone.