The Charlton County Board of Commissioners has recently settled its ongoing litigation at $1.35 million, which was brought against the county for erroneous taxation. The funds are to reimburse any citizens who were over taxed due to errors in soil delineation and incorrect application of the land use values set forth by the State of Georgia. Those interested, may visit (click on TAX REFUND CASE)for further details on the settlement.

 Because of the ongoing litigation, 2020 tax bills for Charlton citizens have fallen behind schedule. The process for completing the 2020 Tax Digest are underway once more and locals should have received assessment notices. 

“We must abide by the time frame set forth in Georgia State law before we can adopt a millage rate and send out tax bills for 2020. Due to the time constraints which we must operate under, we will not be able to adopt a millage rate before the end of the 2020 calendar year,” said County Administrator Hampton Raulerson. “As such, we have sought a temporary collection order which has been granted by the Charlton County Superior Court.”

The temporary collection order will allow for the collection of taxes based on the 2019 Tax Digest. The county will not be sending out tax bills based on the 2019 digest in an effort to cut down on confusion. Instead, Charlton residents are able to voluntarily pay property taxes at the Tax Commissioner’s Office. Payments can be made in person or over the phone by contacting the Tax Commissioner’s Office at 912-496-2057. Locals are not required to pay the property taxes until a tax bill from Charlton County is received. 

Once a millage rate is adopted, the tax bills will be sent out as usual. Those who choose to voluntarily pay the property taxes before the millage rate is adopted and tax bills are mailed, will either receive a refund or bill based on what is owed with the new millage rate. 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Tax Commissioner’s office at the number above or the Board of Commissioners’ office at 912-496-2549.