On Thursday, October 15, a regularly scheduled Charlton County Commissioners’ meeting occurred.  The agenda, minutes, and financial report were all approved. 

The board received a bid from Sam Pickren AC for $9,729.00 to replace an air conditioning unit in the Sheriff’s Office. The bid was approved. This was paid for with contingency funds. 

The board approved taking the next step in the Hatcher Branch Bridge project. 

Pam Crews shared the water challenge from the Monthly Wellness Report. The challenge brings awareness to how much water employees drink each day and how much everyone should be drinking a day. 

Stuart Forrester from Chemours, formerly known as Southern Ionics addressed the commissioners. Forrester is the minerals operations director. Chemours is a mining operation, which mines black sands like that at beaches. The specific mineral sands on the beaches of Georgia and Florida have very unique properties. Jet engine turbines are made from these minerals. He stated that while it started small, the company now has a strong relationship with the Satilla River Company. He shared Chemours would like to continue to have strong bonds within the community and explained the company is looking to open new mining operations in Jesup. Forrester stated Southern Ionics had the right approach in terms of sustainability and that the company has also been working with UGA. Under Chemours, the company has been more efficient and will be expanding operations to 2026/2027.  Charlton County will be seeing another six to seven years of taxes with operations in Charlton County. 

Forrester explained this isn’t just wages, this is cars and houses for our employees. Chemours has spent $1.3 million in Charlton County already this year and invested $11 million in mobile mining technology. Fifty percent of Chemours’ employees come from Brantley and Charlton and 160 of Chemours’ employees are from Georgia, and just fewer than 80 employees are from Charlton County.  Forrester closed by stating, “We hope to have a long life here in Charlton County.” 

Robert Phillips announced that the Sheriffs’ Academy starts on November 16.  Phillips also stated he is working on preparing the policy manual, and job descriptions are now available. He shared he will be evaluating performances and explained he is planning a 40-hour sensitivity training class to help combat mental and racial issues. 

The next regularly scheduled meeting is November 5, 2020.