The Charlton County Board of Commissioners met Thursday, May 6.

During the meeting, the commissioners approved the Day of Prayer proclamation.

Also during the meeting, the commissioners approved the repairs on Charlton County Fire and Rescue’s Tender 50, which totaled $5,804.00.

The following Enhanced 911 (E-911) resolutions were unanimously approved: imposing E-911 charge on prepaid wireless service; authorizing 911 charges on telephone services and wire E-911 charges, other than prepaid wireless services; authorizing an E-911 surcharge on voice over internet protocol service; and authorizing a wireless E-911 charge on wireless telecommunications connections. Once the resolutions are received by GEMA, the county will not receive the fees for approximately three to four months. These fees will help pay for the additional 911 dispatchers that will be needed to properly run E-911. 

The annual agreement with AAA to provide meal services for the senior center and home delivery meals was approved unanimously. There is no extra cost other than the usual funding for the senior center.

The Client Services (county employee wellness program) agreement renewal passed with a vote of three to two, which Commissioners Drew Jones and Luke Gowen voting no. The annual cost for the wellness program is $35,640.00. All employees with the exception of two are enrolled in this program, the two who are not pay an extra $50.00 per pay period to not participate. While the program does not directly save money on insurance, the program does help improve employees’ overall health, thus reducing the amount of claims. Commissioner Jones asked if the money used for this program could be better spent to lower the premiums for all employees. Commissioner Alphya Benefield encouraged Commissioner Jones to look into the program and its benefits for employees.

The board received bids for restock pipes with Consolidated Pipe and Supply Co., Inc. coming in the lowest at $47,432.22. The pipe will be to restock both road yards. The motion to purchase the pipe was approved unanimously.

Bids for 2,600 tons of lime rock to complete Newell Road are continuing to be received. Estimations for pricing are around $58,000.00. County Administrator Hampton Raulerson stated there is $34,650.43 remaining for this project so the remainder will need to come from T-SPLOST. The motion to use T-SPLOT funds was made and approved unanimously.

The board heard from citizen Daniel Lloyd who asked why the recreational parks have been closed on weekends. Raulerson stated he will check into it, however the drive-in gate at Deuce Lloyd Complex will remain locked during non-sports events to reduce theft of equipment, however the gate closest to the playground should be open between 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

 Lloyd also asked about pricing for the use of fields for a benefit tournament with proceeds going to a father whose one-year-old son is battling cancer. He stated he was quoted $300.00 but was then told the price would be $450.00. He said the rental would be for the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. though the event should be cleared out by 1:00 a.m. Commissioner Jesse Crews stated the original price of $300.00 should be honored and suggested a price list be made for future. Commissioners Crews, Benefield and James Everett and County Clerk Jenifer Nobles also offered to donate to the benefit.

Charlton County Sheriff Robert Phillips alerted the board on trees at the office that are causing issues with concrete. He said the trees were not planted there and will be taken out.

Raulerson stated the county is waiting to hear from GDOT on whether the Charlton will be able to divert the water flow in the Camp Pinckney area onto GDOT’s right-of-way.

The commissioners entered into executive session to discuss personnel and litigation at 6:33 p.m. and exited at 6:47 p.m. Following executive session, a motion to approve a proposed letter to Governor Brian Kemp and Attorney General Carr was approved. The letter is in reference to the National Opioid Litigation, and states conversations to discuss settlements between the State of Georgia and 111-member counties are long overdue.

The board will meet Thursday, May 20 at 6:00 p.m. in the BOC conference room.