The Charlton County Board of Commissioners held its monthly meeting Thursday, December 5. There was only one meeting due to the Christmas holiday.

During the meeting, the commissioners discussed the need to repair the air conditioning unit at the annex building. County Administrator Hampton Raulerson stated there are issues with the coils, as well as leaking issues, and more. The bid from Sam Pickren AC was approved unanimously for $5,587.24. Mr. Pickren will also be honoring the warranty previously on the unit and will not charge for any time not used.

Also discussed was the need to re-plumb the annex building. The building is currently under a 20-year lease, but the county is responsible for maintenance. The bid from Arthur Sapp Plumbing in the amount of $23,280.03 was approved unanimously.  

The board recently received bids for the Suwannee Canal Road Project. This project is to resurface and widen Suwanee Canal Rd., adding in bike lanes. It is being funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Federal Highways Administration. 

The commissioners have been discussing updates to the county’s Personnel Policy, and chose to have an attorney look over the policy before putting it into place. The county will work with Jarrard & Davis, who will look over the entire policy and make any updates. The proposal ranges from $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 – dependent upon the hours required. Raulerson suggested to pay them up front and asked to be reimbursed for any hours not used. The motion was made and passed unanimously.

Raulerson stated the county has received higher revenues in 2019 than anticipated, and because of this, changes would need to be made to the budget in order for it to balance. State law requires the county have a balanced budget so expenditures  and revenues match. The current budget shows an amount of $10,805,160.00, the amended budget will show $12,367,967.69. Finance/HR Coordinator Becky Harden has identified line items within departments which are either over or close to going over and added funds to these line items. There are 22 departments who have benefited from the increase, with the major departments being State Court, Jail, and the Senior Center. 

Also during the meeting, a Variance Requested was submitted by Carolyn Wilkie, of St. George, to sell a piece of property. The motion was made and denied, as the lot size was too small for the intended use. 

The commissioners will meet again Thursday, January 2, 2020.